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Hi! I'm Jon! I attend Washington University in St. Louis, having graduated from a high school (Bergen County Academy/Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology of Hackensack, New Jersey) which is notable enough to have a Wikipedia article, but I'm too lazy to write it. I have attended PROMYS, a summer program in mathematics in Boston twice. I am a fan of the New Jersey Devils and the Boston Red Sox, and I love mathematics and physics. I have a LiveJournal and a whole lotta siblings. In 2004, I ranked 38th in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition, my other three years I finished in or near the top 100. My team finished 4th in the Division II Intercollegiate Championship Tournament run by National Academic Quiz Tournaments in 2005, and 3rd at the College Bowl National Championship in 2006.

Just 'cause everyone else lists them:

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Subpages that I use as sandboxes (generally to get table formatting right): User:Jonpin/FIFA, User:Jonpin/Stanley, User:Jonpin/WUHSAC