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About Me[edit]

I'm not mysterious, I'm Jordan Henderson.

I was born in Anderson, Indiana, I've lived in Daleville, IN, Bedford, IN, Bloomington, IN, Houston, TX, Tucson, AZ, Salt Lake City, UT, Houston, TX (second time, several places in the Houston area), Centerville, OH.

Email me at jordan dot henderson at gmail dot com if you think you know me. Used to be, people named Jordan Henderson were pretty unusual, then, during the 80's a lot of kids started to get named Jordan and well, apparently, there's a lot of us now, including the English footballer, who I'm definitely NOT.


I'm an Expert chess player USCF. I might edit a few articles there.

Bedford, Indiana[edit]

My hometown. I've made a few contributions to this article, my hometown and I'll watch it.


I have a lot of interests and I love Wikipedia, I may pop up anywhere.

Apology, In Advance[edit]

If this User page crosses over into an inappropriate use of a User page, I apologize. A little background can help contextualize my work here, but I am concerned that I'm using this like a personal webpage.

If you think I've used this User page inappropriately, tell me and I'll edit.

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