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I am Jordgette. I try to use Wikipedia responsibly.

I created the article on the photorealist painter Gus Heinze, who happens to be my uncle, and the article on the anti-microbial material Sharklet. As an Oakland Athletics fan, I created the article on broadcaster Glen Kuiper.

My biggest editing job so far has been to rewrite the introduction and restructure the body of the Double-slit experiment article. I also did major work on Three Gorges Dam, Joe the Plumber, and Cindy Sheehan.

I contributed sections covering Stephen Hawking's "top-down cosmology" to Hawking's article and to the Fine-tuned universe article, plus sections on the relational interpretation of quantum mechanics to the articles on the double-slit experiment and Schrödinger's cat. I contributed the main photograph [1] on the double-slit experiment article, shooting it in my dining room.