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My (real) name is José Fontaine (born in 1946 in the Borinage, one of the most emblematic region of Wallonia) and I have a PhD in Philosophy (Université catholique de Louvain, 1975: Le Mal chez Rousseau et Kant), partly published [1] I am also the director of the Walloon review TOUDI (or here TOUDI), which is an autonomist review about Wallonia, Europa, the Regions and about the Belgian national issue with a leftwing perspective.

Some contributors of TOUDI :

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An article I wrote in English (with much help!), about the Walloon culture [2], and the content of it [3]and unfortunately an error in the introduction:it is not ethnic-mythical core but ethic-mythical core (a concept of Paul Ricoeur).The foodnotes are lacking but I would place them here and hopefully on the web-site of TOUDI which must be reniewed.

I am Catholic.

I am reading Emmanuel Levinas for 40 years.

A best-seller (in proportion to Wallonia and Belgium [4]

Some articles: [5]

Greetings of Adam Hochschild

Honesty on every Wp[edit]

I think it is fair to say my point of view but I am also a teacher in high education and I don't write or speak without references and without a fairly way of writing and speaking. I believe so sincerely. There are many problems on wp:fr because of the very complicated situation of Belgium. Many Walloon contributors (me too), had difficulties with political subjects: temporiraly bans, interdiction of edition on some article, etc. I accept this situation and these decisions for the others and for me too.

My email address jose.fontaine...

My post-office address José Fontaine, rue du bois-de-l'écluse, B-7830 GRATY (Wallonie)

  • fr:Discussion utilisateur:José Fontaine#Message (shortly translated) : 'You are indefinitely blocked because History is written by the victors.' I may agree with that and that is the reason why I am speaking of my honesty. But this French Administrator of fr.Wp is perhaps not right. It is difficult to say that what I try to write was the POV of a vanquished man, I think that was not POV and I am not vanquished...



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[[Partition of Belgium#Walloon/francophone movement| The Flemish historian Maarten van Ginderachter wrote that the Walloons were "excluded from the national power, between 1884 and 1902 there was only one Walloon in the Belgian government" Maarten Van Ginderachter title=Het Kraaien van de Haan. (PDF) (in Dutch),%203,%20nl.pdf. de Waalse verbanning uit het centrum van de macht — tussen 1884 en 1902 zat er maximaal één Waal in de regering  Missing or empty |title= (help)]]

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