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Jose Corregidor is the Wikipedia user name of a Filipino student.

Personal information[edit]

"Jose Corregidor" was born in Cavite, Philippines in March 1993 to parents of Visayan origin (his father was from Negros Oriental, his mother from Bohol). He was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church on Christmas Day of 1993 in the same province and still practices this religion as of today. He has one brother and three sisters.


He finished his elementary (2005) and secondary education (2009) in Biñan, Laguna, and is on his way to finish his undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering) in the University of the Philippines Los Baños.

"Jose Corregidor" and Wikipedia[edit]

"Corregidor" joined Wikipedia in 2013 as a user. He adopted the user name in reference to St. Joseph (known among Filipinos as San Jose), who is commemorated on his birth month and to whom his family is especially devoted, and the historical Corregidor Island, which is under the administrative jurisdiction of his home province. Since the island's name is believed by some to have originated from the Spanish word corregir (to correct), his adoption of the name is aligned with his usual work in Wikipedia, which is correcting errors.