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Academy Awards[edit]

  • Add, verify, edit information / facts / statistics from "Top 10 of 2008" book
  • ... and from "that" other web site

Auto-Numbering Tables Proposal[edit]

Follow up on

The code is at User:Mike Dillon/Scripts/autonumber.js

Email =

Bugzilla site =

Added August 5, 2007

Improper Sorting in Wikitable Sortable[edit]

  • CHECK ON - Can they "fix" the rank / order of alpha in Wikitable sortable?
  • Wikify dates to sort properly AND display properly 2000-06-04 sort but June 04, 2000 display
  • April 22rd before April 3rd (need April 03rd)
  • 28th Annual before 5th Annual (need 05th Annual)

To: User talk:Angr From: User talk:Joseph A. Spadaro Re: Wikipedia:Reference desk/Language#Format for Dates

Thanks for your reply. I just want to make sure that I understand you correctly. If I literally type in a date in wikified format such as [[1942-02-09]] … that will cause (a) the date to appear in the format of "February 9, 1942" … and at the same time (b) the date to sort numerically as 1942,02,09. Is my understanding correct? I just want to make sure. That seems too easy and too good to be true. If so, it is an extremely simple fix to what I thought was a complex problem. But, I want to make sure my understanding is correct. Please let me know. If so, I have a follow up question also that you perhaps may be able to answer. Thanks. Please reply at my Talk Page: User talk: Joseph A. Spadaro. Thank you. (Joseph A. Spadaro 15:13, 3 October 2007 (UTC))

If you literally type in a date in wikified format such as [[1942-02-09]] , that will make the date appear to a logged-in user however the user has set their preferences to display dates. Users who aren't logged in, and those who haven't set their preferences, will see it as 1942-02-09. I'm pretty sure the date will also sort numerically as 1942,02,09, but you might want to experiment with this in the sandbox and make sure. —Angr 15:43, 3 October 2007 (UTC)
Hi. Thanks again for the quick reply. Can you please take a look at this: User:Joseph A. Spadaro/Sandbox/Page11#This is the Chart that I am Talking About ... and look at the very last chart at the bottom of the page. What you have suggested does not seem to work ... or have I done something wrong? Please let me know. For example ... it seems that the third column (date of birth) is incorrectly sorting by the letters F, J, N (February, June, November) ... when it should be correctly sorting by the years 1804, 1983, and 2004. Any ideas? Thanks. (Joseph A. Spadaro 16:32, 3 October 2007 (UTC))
Well, looks like I was wrong. It is indeed sorting by month name. What a pain. Sorry! You might ask at WP:VP/T if anyone has any ideas, but I suspect the only solution is to go to Bugzilla and file a bug report about it. —Angr 16:43, 3 October 2007 (UTC)
Thanks for your help. I will go over to the Village Pump, and Bugzilla if necessary, as you suggested. Many thanks. (Joseph A. Spadaro 17:28, 6 October 2007 (UTC))

Academy Award for Best Actor[edit]

edit - do links - charts - formatting - spacing - consistency - special notations - TOC and paragraphs - heading titles - history and name change - consult my book -

Talk: Academy Award for Best Actor

format - consistency - reply to all -

Name of Award changes thru History

Who presents traditionally?

History of BA versus BSA

  • How Many Years? (in existence)
  • How Many Awards? How Many Winners?
  • How Many Nominations? How Many Nominees?
  • Win - How Many Win Both BA BSA? (AND / OR)
  • Nom - How Many Nom Both BA BSA? (AND / OR)
  • Reword this sentence for BA BSA BA BSA BD BP ... and By AGE BA BSA BA BSA BD BP ...
    • "Throughout the past 79 years, accounting for ties and repeat winners, AMPAS has presented a total of 80 Best Actor awards to 73 different actors / winners."
    • "Throughout the past 79 years, accounting for ties and repeat winners, AMPAS has presented a total of 80 Best Actor nominations to 73 different actors / nominees."

Constant Updates & Revisions[edit]

Academy Award for Best Picture - Best Picture Firsts - Completed: Annual 00

Academy Award for Best Actor - Completed: Paragraph 01

Talk:Academy Award for Best Actor - Completed: Table of Contents Topic 00

User:Joseph A. Spadaro/Sandbox/Page01 - Actors All Nominees and Winners - Completed: Annual 01 to 35 (?)

Added September 10, 2007

Acting Milestones & Records[edit]

Add to Academy Awards Acting Records:

  • Jane Wyman's Best Actress Oscar acceptance speech is reportedly the shortest on record: "I won this award by keeping my mouth shut and I think I'll do it again."
  • Jane Wyman was the first actor since the silent era to win an Oscar for a performance featuring no lines.
  • Greer Garson = longest
  • Director? Shortest = Thank You ... then, next, Thanks

Wikipedia:WikiProject Academy Awards[edit]

Get involved with this Wikipedia Project.

All Four Acting Categories[edit]

  • Academy Awards - All 4 Acting Category Awards - Winners and Nominees
  • Films that have won awards in all four acting categories
  • Films that have won nominations in all four acting categories
  • Permutations BA and BSA ... BA and BA ... BSA and BSA ... etc.
  • Permutations with 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. wins / noms

Debut performances[edit]

  • Do an article List of debut win / nom ...
  • Academy Awards - Debut Performances - Winners and Nominees - BA BSA BA BSA BD BP

Scott Madsen[edit]

  • Create article


  • fix
  • standardize / make consistent
  • links in
  • links out
  • See also's
  • external links
  • Wiki Categories -- add -- deal with alpha sorting

Best Director & Best Picture[edit]

  • Deal with Intro / Consistency / Etc on Best Director
  • Deal with Intro / Consistency / Etc on Director by Age / Best Picture
  • Deal with Intro / Consistency / Etc on Best Picture
  • Pictures Ranked by MERIT
  • Pix - Rated G PG R X PG13 NC17 Etc (w/n)
  • Pix - Length / Duration (w/n) -- See Top Ten of 2008 Book for Top 10 Longest / Shortest Best Picture Winners (page 157)
  • Pix - Add Top 10 Longest / Shortest Best Picture Winners to "Superlatives" Article ... and to "Oldest/Youngest" Article (?)
  • Pix - Shortest Title / Longest Title (Gigi / TLOTR:TROTK )
  • Best Director -- Add Nationality Chart, like BA BSA etc.

Academy Awards Article[edit]

  • revisions date back to: August 17, 2007

Dynamite (magazine)[edit]

  • make sortable table / increase column widths


Bess Flowers and Wallis Clark and Franklyn Farnum[edit]

  • Fix info at IMDb re: 5 Oscars for Best Picture

Fancy Wiki Tables and Charts[edit]


  • Both Wins and Noms (w/n)
  • Lead Actor w/n
  • Lead Actress w/n
  • Supp Actor w/n
  • Supp Actress w/n
  • All Male Actors - both Lead and Supp w/n
  • All Female Actors - both Lead and Supp w/n
  • All Lead Actors - both Male and Female w/n
  • All Supp Actors - both Male and Female w/n
  • ALL Actors ALL Roles w/n
  • Directors w/n
  • Films: w/n
  • ALL Films with Any Academy Awards w/n
  • Films with Acting Academy Awards w/n
  • Best Picture Films only w/n
  • Add Stats / Superlatives / Milestones / Etc

Capital punishment in Connecticut[edit]

  • add all nine -- details -- removed / commuted / Colon Ivo / Terry Johnson
  • stats - age / average age / length of stay / age at crime / etc.
  • Mike Lawlor -- aide Sarah -- phone 1-860-240-0530 or 1-800-842-8267
  • redirects -- capitalization and CT / Conn / etc.
  • Statute - list of capital crimes / aggravating factors / mitigating

Template Limits for Age Templates[edit]

  • Visit Village Pump to Fix Errors in Tables & Charts

Can anyone please help me with the following error? I can't figure out how the error arises and, thus, how to correct the error. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks. This is an error that I am repeatedly and consistently getting. I am trying to take two different charts/tables and to "cut and paste" / combine them together into one of my sand box pages, so that I can work on them together. The first chart is located on this page: List of Best Actor winners by age at win. The second chart is located on this page: List of Best Actress winners by age at win. When I "cut and paste" the two charts together onto the same sand box page, this is what consistently happens: see User:Joseph A. Spadaro/Sandbox/Page22. As you see, some type of error occurs in the second chart at Positions # 36 and below. I have tried this several times, and the same error always seems to occur at around the same position ( # 36 or so and below ) of the second chart. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening ... and how to fix it? Thanks. (Joseph A. Spadaro 01:29, 16 October 2007 (UTC))

I think I know, and there really isn't anything you can do about it. In order to prevent the servers from crashing in on themselves, there is a set limit as to how many templates you can place on a single page. On your sandbox, you're calling the template {{age in years and days}} 160 times. The template, when called, also calls the templates #ifexpr: (eight times), #expr: (four times), {{age}} (two times), and {{age_in_days}} (two times). As a result, every time you call the template {{age in years and days}}, you're calling (1 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 2 =) 17 templates. The main template has a bunch of other content as well, and each of the sub templates has a load of content, and when all of this adds up to your page, the software can't handle it all, so gives up after a certain point. In this case, entry #36 in the second table. This page gives more detail about how it works and why, but I'm quite sure that's the problem. And the only way you can really fix it is to split things back up - which is what you were trying to avoid in the first place. Sorry. Hersfold (t/a/c) 02:38, 16 October 2007 (UTC)
Thanks for the insight. So, are you basically saying that there is nothing at all that I can do (to get what I want)? That is, my list can include 80 actors on the same page ... but it cannot include 160 actors on the same page? Am I understanding that correctly? I imagine that there must be other lists on Wikipedia that have more than 80 (or so) items with templates in it -- no? Furthermore -- assuming that there is nothing that I can do -- is there something that anyone else can do? In other words, are there computer programmers / wiki admin's / etc. that can expand these limits ... and resolve this problem ... or it's just all set in wiki stone and that's that? Thanks. Please reply at my Talk Page -----> User talk:Joseph A. Spadaro. (Joseph A. Spadaro 03:52, 16 October 2007 (UTC))
Uh, yeah. Basically. You can try to trim down the content of the page (perhaps remove the # column), which should help some. Substituting templates will also help, but will make the page less readable. The main thing is that when all of those templates get transcluded on the page, it gets REALLY HUGE and too large for the system to display all at once without causing a security risk, server crash, or both. You can try asking at the Tech Pump for more suggestions, but I'm really afraid there's not much that can be done. Sorry. Hersfold (t/a/c) 04:48, 16 October 2007 (UTC)
Thanks a lot for your insight and for helping to spot the problem. I would have never figured that out on my own. Thanks again. I will check over at the Village Pump, as you suggested, and see if there is any fix that can be implemented. Thank you. (Joseph A. Spadaro 19:45, 21 October 2007 (UTC))

Alan Menken[edit]

Alan Menken is an accomplished songwriter who has won more Academy Awards than any other living composer in Oscar history.


  • New chart
    • more comprehensive ... combine actors & actresses into one? or just fix up the other charts
  • Chart 1 = Winners
    • Columns = Most Awards / Oldest / Youngest
    • Rows = BA BSA BA BSA Overall Male Overall Female Overall Lead Overall Support Overall Overall
  • Chart 2 = Nominees
    • same columns
    • same rows
  • BD BP
  • New Superlative: Most Awards AND Nom's Combined


  • add links / story / text / etc. regarding "The Vanishing Valedictorian"

SAT Scores[edit]

  • A perfect 1600 SAT score ... is there any official data? ... add to SAT article