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Kill The Idol are a new grunge/metal band from county Armagh Ireland. The members consist of 5 teenage boys ageing from 14-16. However dont let the age put you off them they produce a emitional flare of music associtated to the likes of nirvana and rage against the machine. the members include Eoghan O'hagan vocals, Gareth Murray Lead Guitar, Liam Mc Grane rhythm Guitar, Art Molloy Bass adn backing vocals and Luc Mc Parland on Drums.

The band was formed in 2009 under the name of social outcast, under this titel they won the y-factor. The original sound of the band was punk/rock, influenced by the sound of Greenday and Blink 182. The year 2009 was the stage were the band would develop the influences from metal bands such as Nirvana and Rage against the Machine. The Christmas number one Killing In The Name By RATM influenced the band to cover it. The band finally found there sound, as Drummer Luc Mc Parland described "I just Love the Feeling of playing metal"

The band then changes there name till Kill The Idol in 2010 on the wake of the North East got talent competition. The band were relitively succesful in the competition despite finishing fourth. However they had developed a fan base. The band however were still playing covers during the competiton but were bluiding up a solid stage confidence and protraying high levels of energy in there proformances during the competition.

The band during the sessions had started developing tracks including rough versions of Unfinished bussiness and Senses Failed.Kill The Idol began working towards developing an EP. Kill The Idol were handed an opportunity to record a demo track which is featured on there my space page The Bands Demo Track Unfinished Bussiness. The track can be described as some what emtitional with a lot of likeablity. The opening rift is similar to thats of Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana however unfinished bussiness has more energy. The music heavyily tells the story of the Bands struggle against a patriarchal society that holds down there views and freedoms. the lyrics by Eoghan O'Hagan expresses Kill The Idols frustration of the heiarchal rule "why dont you answeer the god dame question" and "your just a failed attempt to change me, I'll be who i was born to be". The song protrays the weakness of democracy and how society is held down and how questions are left unansered even in a free world.

Kill the Idol are planning a release of the debut EP in Spring 2010. The name of the EP is rumoured to be called "Why Dont You" but it is not yet decided. The EP will included Unfinished Bussiness and senses Failed and one or two more tracks. the band are currently prompting the two conformed tracks of there EP in varous location. For more information on dates and times please visit the bands facebook or myspace page. To listen to Unfinished Bussiness The track has had 1000 listens after 3 days of release.