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Jay Freeman (also known as "saurik"[1] is a developer best known for his work on jailbroken iPhones (most notably Cydia[2] - a software application that allows the user to browse and download applications usable on jailbroken iPhones or iPod Touches) and is a member of the iPhone Dev Team[3]. He also develops computer programs and web add-ons. The names of most of his releases begin with 'Cy' (for instance Cydia and Cycorder).


Name Pronounced Current version number Initial release What does it work on? (iPhone, Computer etc...) Which platform/iPhone firmware does it currently work on? Is it open source? More information
Cydia /ˈsɪd.i.ə/ 1.1.9 2008 Jailbroken iOS Devices All platforms up to 7.1.2 Yes iPhone APT frontend used on >3 million[4] jailbroken devices.
Cycorder - 0.9-6 2008 Jailbroken iPhones - - A free video recording iPhone application[5], supported by advertisements.
Cydget - 0.9.4003 2008 Jailbroken iPhones & iPod Touches 2.2 - 4.3.2 - A flexible and powerful replacement for Winterboard lock screen Widgets.
Cydialer - 0.9.31-1 2008 Jailbroken iPhones 2.2 - 4.3.2 - A useful Utility for calling contacts from the lock screen using a coverflow like UI.
Cyntact - 1.4.1-1 2008 Jailbroken iPhones 2.2 - 4.3.2 - Shows profile pictures in contacts lists.
Winterboard - 0.9.3903 2008 Jailbroken iOS Devices 2.2 - 5.1 Yes Lets you use themes to customize your iPhone

Personal life[edit]

Jay was a PhD student at the University of California, Santa Barbara from 2004 to 2009.[6][7]

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