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Industry Internet
Founded 2010
Headquarters San Francisco, California, USA
Key people
Sam Lawrence: CEO

Crushpath is a technology company that has developed a platform for small businesses mobile marketing. The Crushpath app lets users create “pitch” sites to promote their small businesses.[1] The company was founded in May 2010 by Sam Lawrence, a former executive at Jive Software and Matt Wilkinson, a former executive at Socialcast. Crushpath raised $2,000,000 in seed funding from Charles River Ventures, Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez, Jive CEO Dave Hersh and, Box CEO Aaron Levie.[2]

In March of 2013, the company announced that it had raised a $6 million round of funding from Charles River Ventures and The Social+Capital Partnership.[3]

Crushpath’s offices are located at 2012 16th Street in San Francisco, California.[4]


Crushpath is a platform on which small business can create pitch sites quickly. Users can then publish the pitches across social networks and via email at once and then collect all responses and contacts in once place.Business owners can make multiple pitches all for the same initial fee.[5]

Customers also get use of Crushpath’s Customer relationship management (CRM) tool to monitor the efficacy of their campaigns.[6]


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