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Hello, I'm JoshCooler. I have been on Wikipedia since 4 January 2013 doing good edits on the website. My interests are: old video game consoles, making games, long jumping and Wikipedia. Also, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Please join my WikiProject Techland by click on the link:

Articles I Have Contributed To:

  • Gerry Gallagher (Added citations and tuned down the tone of a sections in the article)
  • Puntius aphya (Added the "Description", "Environment" and "Distribution" sections with information and putted information about keeping Puntiua Aphya in a tank but it was removed).
  • Vanguard Entertainment (added the "People" section with people's names, but some of the people in that section were removed by an user). ‎
  • Samsung GT-M7500 (Created a reference, but it was removed by an user).
  • Island Man (Added a "stub" tag in the article).
  • Blue Valley Sports Complex (I've added "unreferenced|date=January 2014" banner in the article).
  • Jazzstep (Added a "music infobox", putted more information about origins of Jazzstep and also added citations (references) in the article).
  • Darkstep (Created citations which are references in the article).
  • Simlife (Added information in the "Reception" section and added references in the article)
  • Yasemen Saylar ( I've Added "unreferenced|date=July 2014" banner in the article)