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Josh Abt (born October 19th, 1989) is a musician from Vienna, Virginia.

He started playing and being active in the music scene around the town of Vienna when he was 15. He learned and was influenced through many of the Jammin' Java house bands such as The Blackjacks, The Brindley Brothers, and Shane Hines and The Trance. In 2006 he joined with a couple friends, Mike Boren and Mike Pivik, and formed their first band Swagger and Skank. Coupled with Swagger and Skank, Abt also started playing with a local Blues band. But because of his age he couldn't play in 21 and over bars and venues, and so they were obligated to kick him out. Along with diligently playing every friday night in a basement with Boren and Pivik, Abt also shared a passion for shouting lyrics from Boren's red Volvo Station Wagon, and found great enjoyment out of The Clash, The Replacements, Fugazi, The Hold Steady, Lucero, Q and not U, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Gang of Four, Stiff Little Fingers, Joy Division, and The Specials which all together helped form his always-in-the-key-of-G-staccato-guitar-playing-antics.

In the time that he spent playing with Swagger and Skank, the band played with such local acts as Moon Hostage Rebellion, Der, Fikistache, The Noxious Band, and Luke Brindley. The band attempted to combine their admiration and respect for Fugazi and Dance-Punk and combine them into their own adaptation of musical expression of the human condition. Mainly playing house shows and benefits the band gained some popularity in Vienna. But more so by a conflict with local peer and song-writer Adam Swink, when they wrote a song titled "F**k Adam Swink". The song kept them out of playing Jammin' Java as often as they wanted to because Swink was taught and coached by booking manager, Daniel Brindley, who didn't favor the band or the song. Boren, who mainly fronted Swagger and Skank, stated that "That track was really a series of inside jokes . For example right after I yell "Fuck Adam Swink" josh talks about his plan to go to New Zealand and use sheep to take over the world. Don't believe me? Have you even listed to the track? No one listened to that track. I think we were the only three people who ever listened to that track. It shouldn't matter." The band kept writing and recorded their first and only album "Lipstick Art" which was produced and recorded by Patrick Williams [co-writer for Rocknoceros and past bassist for The Echoes which included Anthony Fiacco]. A final copy and master CD was never made, so the album hasn't come out yet and it never will (even to date).

Shortly after graduating from Mountain View Alternative High School in Centreville, Virginia In the summer 2008, Swagger and Stank disbanded due to each member going to college in different parts of the US. Abt then started solely writing his own music. Through a two year period of bouncing in and out of classrooms and his own room, he worked out his first established album, "Fridge is Full". In the album lies a deliberate play on the sounds that came out of the music scene in Vienna; specifically using Luke Brindley and Anthony Fiacco as some of the main musicians to describe how Abt grew up listening to them numerous times on the Jammin' Java stage. Lyrically it down plays the repetitive cycle and behavior of some of his peers with the use of drugs and parties, but simultaneously up-plays and even references his time spent with Swagger and Skank and best friend Mike Boren. While promoting his music himself he had opportunities to play with and become influenced by Brook Pridemore, River City Extension, and The Share. Through the summer of 2009 he sat down with friend Samuel Rees (drummer of local band Moon Hostage Rebellion) and started recording the album, and even managed to talk Boren into writing some Bass tracks. Currently the album is still in production and is set to be out on iTunes in January 2010. In the mean time, Abt is said to have played numerous open-mics at The Soundry and around the Fairfax, Virginia area in hopes of one day expanding a sort of underground fan-base.

Even more currently Abt particularly loves writing in the third-person and on Wikipedia. He's a pretentious donkey-hole and shouldn't get any good reviews as a human being.


[on a side note, here are some things that are awesome about life to be considered when considering the option to end Josh Abt's life]

  1. Plankton
  2. Spongebob
  3. Watching Steven Seagal movies
  4. Reading and finishing a really good book
  5. Having fun
  6. Using various types of underwear as a hat
  7. Eating fresh, warm pie
  8. Learning how to sew
  9. Going on YOUR first date
  10. Talking with women and men, sometimes in unison
  11. The broadway production "Company"
  12. and some times, Noodles and Company
  13. Fridges full of stuff to eat and drink
  14. Good times
  15. Good food
  16. Good feelings
  17. Good coffee
  18. Good beer
  19. Good food
  20. Good byes
  21. Attempting to figure skate while wearing a mascot uniform
  22. Attempting to fuck a figure skater in a mascot uniform
  23. Attempting to beat up a mascot to steal his uniform and then figure skate
  24. Attempting to beat up a mascot uniform with a figure skater
  25. Attempting to beat up a mascot uniform, with a figure skater
  26. Balloons
  27. Inanimate objects that can float when the wind blows. So, it might be animate, but you're not sure because it's animate but wouldn't really be if there wasn't any wind blowing
  28. The number 12
  29. And Vitamin C, because it's just that good!