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Josh Parris - Personal site; Baby naming - I'm Josh_Parris on freenode and use the cloak wikipedia/JoshParris

Wikipedia's Quick directory

The Quick directory is a handy directory of key pages throughout Wikipedia, with emphasis on interaction between members of the community.

Topics covered include:

  • Bureaucracy
  • Dispute resolution
  • For power users
  • Learning the wiki way
  • The best of Wikipedia
  • The worst of Wikipedia
  • Wikilove and appreciation
  • Wikipedia laughs
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Current Work[edit]

WP:New Page Patrol, remember
User:Uncle_G/Wikipedia triage and
User:The_Bipolar_Anon-IP_Gnome/John_Q._Public and
Wikipedia:Where to get feedback on your new article
My New Pages

If I ever start harbouring thoughts about adminship: Qxz-ad16.gif

Wikipedia:Articles_for_creation is a rewarding place to go.

I'm trying to figure out how copper is mined and refined. See my work in progress: User:Josh Parris/copper

And I follow the contributions of User:Adam Johnston closely - he's very knowledgable on mining. His writings are a bit on the technical side, 'tho. I'm waiting for comment from Adam on the following articles:

I'm still working on:


To do[edit]

Check ISBNs And I've got to get back to the ISBNs in Category:ISBN needed using the book reference template (Wikipedia:Template messages/Sources of articles/Generic citations). Remember to search for "ISBN:" using User:Topbanana/Reports/This article may contain a badly formed ISBN reference if its ever re-run.

Oh, and check out Wikipedia:Offline reports/This is one of the most linked to disambiguation pages. Disambiguate when bored (use Wikipedia:Manual of Style (disambiguation pages):


Require MoS (dab) to be applied OR other work[edit]

Lots of disambiguation to be done[edit]

Mostly under control[edit]

  • Hacking the remaining links are for uses for which there are not articles at this time. So, do I create stubs, redirects, or what?

Disambiguation that is Under Control[edit]

Disambiguation that requires frequent monitoring to keep Under Control[edit]

Other todos[edit]

The Signpost
21 July 2016
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Suburbs: Derrimut, South Wharf, Menzies Creek, Monbulk, Kilsyth, Save Our State (Australia)
Landmarks: 101 Collins Street, 120 Collins Street, Bourke Place, Hamer Hall, Melbourne Mint
Events: Melbourne International Festival of Brass, Melbourne Underground Film Festival, Great Bookie Robbery, Extreme weather events in Melbourne
Transport: Premium station
Sporting Clubs: Fawkner Blues, Sunshine George Cross FC, Hume City FC
Streets: Little Bourke Street, Hardware Lane, Hosier Lane
People: Alannah Hill, Karmein Chan, Meek (street artist), Vexta
Institutions: Eltham High School, Glen Eira Town Hall, Honoured Society, Boxing Day Test
Venues: Bob Jane Stadium, Lexus Centre
Miscellaneous: Collins St., 5 pm, Yarra Valley, Coops Shot Tower, Melbourne Talk Radio, Academic dress of University of Melbourne, Sound Relief, Melbourne University Publishing, The Herald and Weekly Times, Melbourne Metro
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