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"If we create 1000 pages a month, we will be able to hit 100,000 pages in only 8 years."--Jimbo Wales, 2001

To-do list[edit]

  1. Wu Sangui: Copyedit
  2. Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute: Trim excessive detail, NPOV

Comparison of Encyclopaedia Britannica and Wikipedia[edit]

Encyclopaedia Britannica (print) Encyclopaedia Britannica (online) English Wikipedia
First edition 6 December 1768 1994 25 January 2001
Contributors 4,411 29,835,859 (plus IPs)
Articles ~40,000 ~120,000 5,316,623
Editions 15 866,007,638
Word count 44,000,000 55,000,000 3,180,000,000
Cost >$1,000 (used print edition) $70 per year (subscription)

Pop-up advertising (no subscription)

Last updated 2010; subsequently went

out of print

Unknown 1.43 seconds ago,

on average

Open-source No Partially; all edits must be approved Yes

Tip of the Day[edit]

Souping up your Smartphone editing on Wikipedia

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  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and switch to desktop view. This opens up a lot of functionality that the mobile view lacks.
  • Double tap your touchscreen to upsize the font and readjust the margins to fit your screen.
  • Bookmark frequently visited pages.
    • To navigate to a new page, just replace the page name at the very end of the full link with the new page name.
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27 December 2019


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