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Welcome to my Userpage


Hello. My name is João, I'm from Portugal, and I am a Wikipedian. I found Wikipedia some years ago, when it was still givin the first steps. The idea I formed based on it was astonishing and amazing! And yes, I did love it at the first sight. I've been editing some articles, creating small stubs, and mainly learning from all this database of knowledge. A little more about me includes my big fascination on Science, perhaps with the focus set on Biology (Genetics is my passion) and Mathematics. So I chose to follow Biochemistry (and I hope to be a great scientist in the future...). I also like Linguistics, Music, and mainly any other theoretical field of knowledge.


See also my userboxes page.

Ok, as I said on the left, I'm a big fan of Science. My interests fall mainly on this field. Although (as I also stated) I like a bunch of other subjects. My favourite hobby is walking arround through Wikipedia articles. I'm a bit crazy and a very perfectionist person. So my edits will almost always be to fix those tiny errors that no one but me finds out (like two spaces in a row, tables misformatted or that don't use the Wiki markup correctly). These are the WikiProjects I belong to:

As you can see from the last two, I have an absolute passion for Fantasy and Science fiction.

I'm also attracted by subjects as Wicca and Neopagan religions in general.

Other stuff[edit]

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More talk[edit]

I intend to add more to this page as soon as I find other interesting things to write
This means, of course, I'm asking you some advice. Please, leave comments and/or suggestion in my talk page.
I'm also trying to figure out how to learn things about Licences (so I can release my words into the public domain), and some other things concerning Wikipedia itself (not the content). Feel free to put something in the talk page too!