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Planetstorm: Fallen Horizon
Developer(s) Aykiro
Distributor(s) App Store
Google Play
Engine Unity
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Genre(s) Strategy
Mode(s) multiplayer

Planetstorm: Fallen Horizon is a sci-fi themed, mid-core, mobile strategy game.


Planetstorm development started in early 2015 and entered soft launch period in July 2016.

Plot and Setting[edit]

Planetstorm: Fallen Horizon is set in a science fiction universe during Alterian-Terran War, which is fought between two main human factions: Terrans - corporation-like, technologically strong and driven by expansion and Alterians - socially formed, genetically perfected and driven by their status.

Human race has bee forced to leave Sun scorched Earth and establish colonies through out the galaxy. Resources available for the colonies differ dramatically and so local conflicts between colonies started period called Faction Wars. Order has been restored only after the first contact with an ancient race called Suzar. While most other factions exterminated each other, humans on the planet Terra and the planet Alteria thrived, giving birth to two very distinct human societies.

The Terran society, brought together by master engineers and terraformers existed under a complex corporate structure. Their business was one of survival and survival meant expanding the Terran corporate grasp to as many planets as possible. Expansion sustained life.

In contrast, the Alterian society formed under a strict social hierarchy. One focused not on expansion of dominion, but mastery over man’s only true domain-his own being. Alterians turned to technology as a means to control their own evolution. They pushed themselves to reach their fullest potential, to be come a pinnacle of efficiency. An advanced human being that could sustain itself regardless of the physical conditions of the environment. The core of Alterian society took to the Suzar with great reverence.

But this peaceful period ended after Terrans, driven by expansion, found Suzar's weak point, and exterminated Suzar race completely.



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