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I joined Wikipedia in October 2005 and was mostly a WikiGnome until March 2012. In addition to the ongoing projects below, I browse articles at random for areas of improvement. I guess you could call me a WikiJanitor.


Adding the repertoire of pitches thrown by MLB pitchers using PITCHf/x

To date I have added the pitch repertoires of over 200 active pitchers from all 30 teams, as well as a few retired ones. Typically, I use the Brooks Baseball website and relevant news articles to acquire the relevant information. One useful book for historical data has been Rob Neyer and Bill James's The Neyer/James Guide to Pitchers.

Conflict of interest disclosure: Most of my contributions linking to the Brooks Baseball site predate any contact I had with its authors or work I provided for the site. However, since April 2013 I have been receiving minor financial compensation for improvements to the site's PITCHf/x data. I reserve the right to continue using it as a resource (as I believe it is an extremely reliable resource for PITCHf/x data, and will offer evidence in support of that claim for those who ask), although I will be careful not to edit in a way such that the primary consequence of my edits are the promotion of the site. My official duties with Brooks Baseball do not include editing Wikipedia on its behalf, nor have I ever been asked to do so. I do not object to other users inspecting my editing record to ensure that I have not unduly promoted the site here.

Removing vandalism from Wikipedia

Most often this involves lurking the recent changes page and checking edits by unregistered users.

Other maintenance

  • Reviewing AfCs
  • Occasional contributions to AfD
  • Unsolicited advice at WP:ANI

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