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Jprulez2007 on Wikipedia[edit]

Jprulez2007 is the username of David Cruz.On Wikipedia I am Jprulez2007 so therfore I am David Cruz.Jprulez2007 means Jurassic Park Rules 2007

Jprulez2007 On Other Sites[edit]

Jprulez2007,David Cruz,has appeared on many other sites such as Youtube and Myspace.

Jprulez2007 on Myspace[edit]

Jprulez2007 has a Myspace account. jprulez2007 also has Myspace IM. Jprulez2007 has 40+ freinds on myspace.

Jprulez2007 on Youtube[edit]

Jprulez2007 has a Youtube account and currently has 12 videos.Jprulez2007 has subscribed to 5 users and has 7 friends.Such users include Dvrex,Yoshiloo2000 and Jprulez


The origin of Jprulez2007 has to do with possibly the best series on Youtube. The name of the series is Isla Muerta created by Dvrex.It started when David was searching reveiws,screenshots, and videos of a game he heard about called Jurassic Park:Operation Genesis.He noticed a video on Youtube called Isla Muerta.When he saw the videos he became inspired to make videos and post them on Youtube.Originally David wanted the name Jprulez but it was taken.So David added '2007' to the mix.Jprulez2007 has inspired three people (that he knows) to make videos and post them on Youtube.Such people include: Jprulez2000, pralltheway, and a freind that used his account to post a video that was rejected,so he posted it on Myspace.

Jprulez2007 14:54, 23 June 2007 (UTC)