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Enzina Fuschini
Born Enzina Fuschini
(1954-08-23) August 23, 1954 (age 63)
Matierno (Salerno), Italy
Nationality Italian
Occupation Artist, Painter, Designer
Spouse(s) Count Philippe Asinari di San Marzano (m 1981 - d 1986), David Young (m 1986 - d 2009)
Children Virginie Jaqueline Asinari Di San Marzano (1982), Grace Young (1987), Emily Young (1991)

Enzina Fuschini is a designer, artist and socialite of Italian origin, working and living in the U.K.. She has collaborated with renowned artists and displayed her art at numerous occasions worldwide such as Rome, Milan, Paris, London and New York, and has designed a number of brands such as Darlings, and Exotica developed during a long period of collaboration with Harrods. Fuschini's life and work is strongly linked to three celebrities, the italian painter Giorgio de Chirico, the Egyptian buisiness man Mohamed Al-Fayed and the British rock artist Gerry Rafferty. She was married to the Count Philippe Asinari di San Marzano.

Early life - Italian Period - De Chirico[edit]

Panorama of the town Leivi where Enzina Fuschini lived between 1974 and 1980

Enzina Fuschini was born on the 23rd of August 1954 in Matierno, a small village now part of Salerno in Italy, and was baptised in the Roman Cathlic Church of St. Giovanni in Matierno. She is the only child of Luigi Fuschini, an internal decorator and Carmelia de Simone, a seamstress working who worked in a local company and for private clients. She was raised in Matierno, where she discovered oil painting on wood as a six year old girl. After her second year of elementary school, she moved with her parents to Salerno. There she finished elementary school and attended the middle school Calcedonia in Salerno. Following her school period, she attended the Mercatello Art Institute of Salerno, specialising in lithography, etching and ceramics, where she had her degree in 1971.

She lived in Salerno up to the age of 17 years (1971), when the family departed for the village Garbagniate Milanese in the province of Milano in the North of Italy. There she continued her studies at the Istituto d'Arte of town Chiavari in the province of Genova, on the coast of Levante close to Portofino, living with the Suore del Cuore di Gésu in Genova.

Giorgio de Chirico

After her parents divorce, she transferred with her mother first to Genova and shortly after that to a small country house on a hill near Leivi, 3 km of Chiavari. She finished the Art Institute and after that spent 4 years working, painting and travelling between Genova and Leivi.

At only twenty years of age, in 1974, she had her first solo exhibition in Milano, Italy at the "Galleria Avanguardia 2". Prof. Giacomo Migone, at that time President of the Federazione di Critici D`Arte D`Italia, admired her work and wrote numerous positive reviews. [1].

In 1974 she went to Rome to meet maestro Giorgio de Chirico, Italy's most important (pre-) Surrealist painter of the 1900's. After De Chirico expressed considerable interest in her work and invited her, she stayed half a year working and living with the painter and his family in his house in the 16th century Palazzetto del Borgognoni at Piazza di Spagna 31. This was in the same period that the painter was admitted as Associé Étranger at the Académie des Beaux Arts of the Institut de France [2]. Enzina Fuschini worked in De Chirico's studio for 6 months in 1974-1975 which had a strong impact on her artistic growth. De Chirico kept two of her works for his personal collection. Following De Chirico's death in 1978 the family house where Enzina had stayed and worked became a museum dedicated to the great painters life and work.

In the period 1975-1980 Fuschini started to exhibit in Milano, Torino, Genova, and Rome and continued to add specialisations, such as ceramics, copper plate etching and lithography. At one of her first exhibitions, she won the second "Premio Coppa d'Argento di Pittura" at Palazzo Serbelloni in Milano in 1975. In 1978-1979, she collaborated with the Sovvraintendenza delle Belle Arti in Rome with the restoration of mosaics and fresco's.

Paris Period - Marriage with Count Philippe Asinari di San Marzano - Le <<Sincérism>>[edit]

Arms of the House of Asinari

In 1980, Enzina departed from Italy for Paris, to work. Through her acquaintance and artistic relationship with de Chirico, she had gained acceptance at the Societé des Artistes Francais. Soon afterwards, she invited her mother to live with her in Paris, and her mother has been living with her up to her death in 2010, being an important influence in her personal and artistic live.

Eighteen months later, in Paris she met Philippe Asinari di San Marzano, son of Count Carlo di San Marzano and Jacqueline, with whom she married in 1981, in Paris, and for the Roman Catholic "Parroquia de María Inmaculada y santa Vicenta María" [3] in Madrid, where Philippes parents then lived. [4] He is a descendant of Filippo Antonio Asinari, Marquis of San Marzano (1767-1828), who's grandfather is a great great great grandparent of Vittorio Emanuele III, Prince of Savoy, Count of Turin and King of Italy until 1946, with whom Carlo, Philippes father, was actually well befriended [5] [6]. The noble House of Asinari is in close relation with the house of Savoy and played through its descendants major roles in history especially in the second half of the 18th, the 19th and the first half of the 20th century, during the period of the unification of italy and the historical french-piemontese alliance [7].

They lived in Paris on the Avenue Kleber near Trocadero and the couple had one child, a daughter, name Virginie Jaqueline Asinari Di San Marzano, born on the 29th of March 1982 in the Clinique du Belvedere. She was named after her great great relative Virginia Asinari Oldoini, known as "la Contessa di Castiglione", who lived in the second half of the 19th century; Cousin of Camillo Benso "count of Cavur" and wife of the Count of Costigliole d'Asti and Castiglione Tinella, known as "the most beautiful woman of the century", an italian secret agent thanks to who's seductive powers the french-piemontese alliance came to be established. The couple separated in 1984 and divorced for the French and Italian courts in 1986.

During her period in Paris Enzina Fuschini started to participate in numerous exhibition's and her work was appreciated and acquired by the rich and influential [8]. Several of works realised during this period where acquired by American collectors. She was responsible for a new current in art, the <<Sincérism>>, a term already coined by Prof. Gian Giacomo Migone an expression of personal impulses and freedom, more than external influences [9] [10] [11] . She exhibited in various occasions in Paris, Bruxelles and in Italy, and also ran her own Gallery, Mythologies.

New York - United Kingdom Period[edit]

In 1986 she married David Young, a marchant banker. The marriage took place on the 31st of October 1987 in the village church of Fort William in Scotland. They lived first in New York, after that in Kensington in London (after 1988), and successively in Dorset (after 1994). Two daughters where born form this second marriage; Grace (born on September the 23rd, 1987 in New York in the Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn; two months later the family moved back to London) and Emily (born in London on the 25th of April 1991). She divorced from her second husband on the 22nd of December 2009.

In the fertile artistic pastures of New York she worked together with three Russian artists.

In 1988, ten years after De Chirico's death, a memorial exhibition was organised in Rome by his widow Isa de Chirico, for the Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico[12], called "La Metafisica interpretata. Omaggio a De Chirico" On request of Isa, Enzina Fuschini created a collection of 20 art works dedicated to De Chirico. These where exhibited during the memorial exhibition which furthermore comprised sculptures of De Chirico and, amongst others, of Antonio Vinciguerra, Carlo Guarienti, Jean Pierre-Velly. All works of Fuschini were sold exept one, the aquarelle "Volos", dedicated to De Chirco's home town in Greece, painted during a travel of Fuschini to Volos, and still present in Fuschini's private collection.

During this period she published the small booklet "Oils and Watercolours" (1989) [13].

Enzina Fuschini intensely experienced the 11 September 2001 attacks in New York, and created a tribute collection of art paintings, entitled "Beauty for Ashes", highly appreciated by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

During her second period in London she was based in Kensington, at 26, Campden Grove W8, and after 1994 in Sandbanks, Poole, in Dorset. During this episode, she became known as Enzina Fuschini Young. In London she was invited to exhibit at a succession of fashionable galleries [8]. Around 2005 her daughter Virginie collaborated with her in an Art strudio they ran together in central London. She started to develop her own commercial brands in design, and regularly worked for Liberty’s, Harvey Nicholls, Beals (Bournemouth) and Harrods (London) [14] [15]. Her designs appeared on amongst other fabrics, furniture and fine porcelain [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21]. She was active in numerous charity initiatives during her exhibitions and events [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27].

Her house and Studio in Dorset ("The Lighthouse" on 48 Sandbanks Road in Poole) became a popular cult feature and subject of numerous articles in designer magazines as an example of specific modern artistic interior design, showing examples of her work and the styles she had developed through her brands [28] [29].

In 2004 Fuschini was commissioned a painting for the Governmental Disability Rights Commission's offices in London, and she painted the work "Diversity and Inclusivity", now present in the offices in Manchester.

Harrods - Al-Fayed[edit]

At the Truly British Event at the London's Harrods Store on the 6th of May 2005 [14] Enzina Fuschini's Brand "Darlings" was launched and she became acquaintened with the egyptian buisiness man Mohamed Abdel Moneim Al-Fayed, after which a long and durable friendship developed with the Al-Fayed family.

She developed a number of brands which were exposed and promoted through the the Harrods store in London, especially belonging to the Darlings, Exotica and Kiss Me Forever Brands. She became several times "Artist in Residence" in the various Harrods stores creating special single piece artworks.

Furthermore, during the period 2006-2008 she was the tutor of Omarson Omar, the fourth child of Fayeds marriage with the Finnish socialite and former model Heini Wathén, stepmother of Fayeds first son Dodi Al-Fayed, the lover of Princess Diana.

Gerry Rafferty[edit]

Enzina Fuschini was allegedly engaged to the British rock artist Gerry Rafferty from 2008 up till his death on 4 January, 2011 [30] . She met him during a period when he was reported missing by the international press.

Rafferty had towards the end suffered from chronic drinking, and during a stay in London he had moved from one hotel to another after he had been asked to leave the five-star Westbury Hotel in Mayfair where he had had a four-day drinking session that left his room extensively damaged. The newspaper Scotland on Sunday reported that Rafferty had been asked to leave the hotel and had then checked himself into St Thomas' Hospital suffering from a chronic liver condition, brought on by heavy drinking. The same report claimed that on 1 August 2008, Rafferty had disappeared from the hospital, leaving his belongings behind, and that the hospital had filed a missing persons report [31] Research showed, however, that no such missing persons report had ever existed [32]. Afterwards Rafferty told a journalist from the Sunday Express that he had been living in Florence, Italy, splitting his time between a home in Dorset and visits to Scotland each year [33].

It was during this turbulent times that he met Enzina Fuschini. They lived together in Upton, near Poole, first at Enzina's house, later in a hotel and successively they rented a large home together [34]. This was actually correctly cited by The Guardian on the 17 February 2009, which reported that Rafferty was in hiding in the south of England, being cared for by a friend. [35] During 2009, Fuschini physically cared for the singer and tried to help him overcome his alcoholism. They went on holiday together and Rafferty,according to Fuschini and which he later denied,proposed to Fuschini to marry him at the Ritz Hotel in Paris on Christmas Eve 2009 [36] [37]. Shortley afterwards, on the 2nd of September 2010, Enzina's mother died.

In November 2010, Rafferty was admitted to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, where he was put on a life-support machine and treated for multi-organ failure. After being taken off life-support, Rafferty improved and it seemed that he might survive and recover from his collapse. [38] [39] At his request, his daughter Martha successively brought him to her house in Stroud, Gloucestershire. [40] [41] He died, surrounded by family, in Stroud on 4 January 2011 aged 63 of liver failure.

Since Rafferties death, a legal issue is raised over his will which was made in March 2007 before he met Enzina Fuschini, and she has launched a High Court battle for a share of his fortune after she was left out of his £1.2 million will. [42] [43] seeking a share of the will under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975 which allows financial dependents of a deceased person to claim "reasonable financial provision". [44]. According to an interview Fuschini gave to the Daily Mail in August 2012, she was offered £27,000 by the family on condition that she sign a confidentiality agreement. [45]

It was later reported that Fuschini had lost her case and £75,000 legal costs were awarded against her. [46] [44].

In the same period, the WP page dedicated to Enzina Fuschini (published long before, on the 21st June 2012), became subject to offensive vandalism by a user registered in WP as Marthamaryrafferty (now deleted) [47] during August 2012 [48]. These edits and similar ones on the page of Gerry Rafferty [49] were rapidly and shortly afterwards removed from the various pages by Wikipedia Editors, as they violated WP standards. Following and triggered by this episode, some discussion between editors, however, evolved about the relevance of the WP page on Enzina Fuschini [50]. Successively, following a short debate started on the 13th of October 2012 between Wikipedia Editors, on the 22nd of October 2012 WP decided to redirect the Fuschini page to the article related to Gerry Rafferties death and clear its contents [51]. The result is that the official WP page of Enzina Fuschini cannot be consulted any more, neither can the talk page that contains the discussion between editors about various arguments [52] [53]. During 2013 the systematic removal of concrete references to the 2,5 year long relationship between the two persons continued by the removal of the picture of Gerry and Enzina from Wikimedia (correctly: because of copyright violation as it was published earlier online by the scottishsun), without substituting it with a link to the same article which is absent on Rafferties page. Furthermore, action was undertaken to remove her own picture also from Wikimedia, and a picture of one of her paintings. The latter two removals with the excuse that it regarded self-publicity of a living artist and emails of permits to upload the pictures in Wikimedia were missing. Up till 2017 even this same Wikipedia sandbox page is being checked by UK rwsident editors of Wikipedia in order to keep the page hidden for public, as can be seen from the latest edits that the page has be subject too, even if placed in a private domain.

Business interests[edit]

The art work of Enzina Fuschini was amongst many, exhibited by the Le Societé des Artistes, Paris and the National Library. It is at continuous display in art galleries in Brussels, New York, and Rome. In 1974 her brand was founded as an independend buisiness which is focussed on the usage of her art in design. The design was developed on Limoges porcelain, Interior design features, Furniture, Textile, Clothing, Fine art, Murals, Musical instruments, Mobile phones, etc. [54] [8].

The first press lounche of her buisiness branches took place in the Soho Hotel of the Charlotte Hotel in Charlotte street in London, in 2005. Successively they where introduced in Harrods on the 6th of May 2005 during a trendy tea Party. In 2007 the brand was commissioned by the Dorchester Hotel and a special design was developed for the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Hotel on Parl Lane, during Fuschini's saty in the hotel as "Artist in Residence". These porcellain pieces were successively realised during a dedicated stay of Fuschini in Limoges, France. Most of the pieces where produced by Jammet Seignolles.

Brand Darlings

The Brand Darlings is described as "inspired by so many well-imaged characters from the quintessential era of style, the nineteen twenties. A striking black and white design is the heart of this collection of audatious debutantes and dinner guests, yet vibrant colour resonates suddenly with the bold characters as the collection, and maybe the evening, develops. Do we know these people? Perhaps all is not quite as it seems and no one completely speaks their mind in the world of the Darlings - but everyone is certainly saying one thing together as they chatter. Style. Here, thats's no secret."

The Brand was launched at the Truly British Event at the London's Harrods Store on the 6th of May 2005 [14]. It consists of artwork, porcellain, clothing, furniture, etc. Special well known pieces are a motorcycle Suzuki Intruder 1800 M, designed in 2007, the centrepiece of an exhibition at the Park Lane Hilton. [8], a hat displayed on BBC 1 News during Ascot ladies day in 2006, a cigars store case [55], and Nokia mobile phone design.

In 2002, the famous restaurant "Escalier" in the Bournemouth College in Dorset, during a visit of around 1800 french Chefs, asked Fuschini to design a Menue based on the Darlings Branch.

Brand Exotica

The Brand Exotica is described as "a striking spread of graphic oriental shapes. A red and white journey of geometry and the organic; a stylised Nature... a timeless and reassuring ...". It is inspired on experiences in Fuschini's youth in Matierno where swarms of swallows prepared themselves to take of for far and exotic countries, and each year around Eastern made there return.

Brand Kiss Me Forever

The Brand Kiss Me Forever was launched in 2006 at Harrods Kightbridge, and is characterised by a pictorial design of blue and black images and faces with the recurrent image of a red tiny mouth. The centrepiece of the collection is the well known "Kiss Me Forever" Guitar.

Artwork Collections[edit]

"'Early Works"

Italy-Paris, 1974-1995, 27 drawings and paintings. 24 sold to the German art collector Rüdiger K. Weng [56] , the remaining 3 to various collectors. Just one last painting, "Life on the Way" remained in possession of the artist.

"De Chirico Collection"

New York, 1988; 20 Artworks, Acquarelle water paitings, and oil paintings on canvas. All exhibited and sold in Rome at the memorial Exhibition of the 10th anniveristy of De Chiric's death.

"Beauty for Ashes"

Dedicated to the victims of the 11 September 2001 attacks in New York.

"New York Trade"

New York, 1999. 5 paintings, oil on canvas

"In the Beginning"

Sandbanks (Dorset), 25 paintings, oil on canvas and pencil on paper. Created for the Acquarium in Pool. All sold, one last piece in posession of the artist.

"Urban Chic"

Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset, 2001-2002. 7 paintings, oil on Canvas, representing City Life in London and New York.

"Turning Point"

Sandbanks (Dorset), 2004. 30 paintings, oil on canvas. Subject of the homonymous exhibition in Witchurch, Reading, in the "modernartistgallery". All sold to various collectors, the last remaining piece, "Choices" is still in posession of the artist.

"Urban Butterflies"

Toole, 2003 ; Sold to Richard Cazz a well known British buisinessman



1975 - First Solo exhibition in Milan

Solo Exhibition in Chiavari

Solo Exhibition, Cassa di Risparmio, Genova Imperia

Exhibition Galleria Marguttsa, Rome

Genova Cup International Exhibition (350 Artists)

Giorgio de Chirico Memorial Exhibition, Articurial, Paris


Exhibition Palazzo Doria, Genoa

Solo Exhibition Galleria Presenze, Genoa

Contributor to the Grand palais Exhibition, Societée des Artistes Francais, Paris

Solo Exhibition, Banque de Crédit Lyonnais, Paris

Contemporary Etchings Exhibition, National Library, Paris


Solo Exhibition, Galerie d'Egmont, Bruxelles

Solo Exhibition, Centre Cultural Astoria, Bruxelles

Solo Exhibition, Gallerie Mythologies, Paris


Group Show, Bridgewater Gallery, New York

Exhibtion with Giorgio De Chirico, Meorial Exhibition, Studio S Gallery, Rome

Solo Private Exhibition, R.R. Donneley, UK Ltd.

Solo Exhibition, Gallery Shurini, London


Solo Exhibition, The Old Cinema, Chiswick High St., London

Solo Exhibition, De Lisle Gallery, Knightsbridge, London


Solo Exhibition, Wasserstein Perella, London


Solo Exhibition, David Harringdon Gallery, London


Various Exhibitions in London

Exhibition Poole Aquarium, Dorset, Collection "In the Beginning"[20][21]


Permanent Display at the Public Library, Poole, Dorset

Represented by the Modern Artists Gallery, Berkshire, at the Affordable Art Fair London

Exhibition of Prints and Original Paintings, Habitat, Bournemouth, Dorset

Solo Exhibition "Urban Chic", Inaugural Exhibition of the artists New Studio, Sandbanks, Dorset.


Solo Exhibition "A Turning Point" at the Modernartistgallery, Whitchchurch, Reading, 19th June-3rd July, 2004.


Numerous exhibition at Harrods, London of Brands of porcellain and original prints and paintings.

Awards - Acknowledgements[edit]

1975-1977 Period

"Premio Coppa d'Argento di Pittura" at Palazzo Serbelloni in Milano in 1975.

First price "Medici Cup", International Exhibition, Villa Tosi (200 artists)

Second Prize, Milan Cup Avante garde, 3rd International Exhibition, Milano, Italy

Silver and Bronze Prizes at National and International Exhibitions, Novara, Italy

First prize at St. Mathew Colster Exhibition, Genova, Italy

"Natale d'Oro" Prize, Milano (250 artists)

1978-1980 Period

Genova Cup International Exhibition (350 Artists), Genova, Italy

Florence Gold Lion Prize (shared with De Chirico), Florence, Italy

Second Prize, Venice Grand Prize Exhibition, Venice, Italy

First Prize, Citta di Recco, awarded by the President of the Italian Art critics Federation, Recco, Italy

Gold Palm Award, Cannes, France

Christopher Colombus Prize, American-Italian Competition, Genova, Italy


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