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Awarded for your months of relentless edits, keeping our dear wiki clean. May 6, 2005

Hi. I'm Jim. I'm 34; I live in San Francisco, California in the U.S.; I'm a professional geek; I edit Wikipedia articles during lulls at work, and sometimes at home too.

I made my first edit under this username on October 27, 2003, though I had been editing sporadically as an unregistered user for about a month before that. I am not sure when I had my "milestone" edits, but Luxo's tool shows how many I have now on all the different wikis. Most of my recent contribs on enwiki are either BLP fixes, vandalism fixes, or copyediting.

On July 14, 2005, I became an administrator on the English Wikipedia. Since January 24, 2006, I have been helping answer e-mails as part of the volunteer response team. I have been an administrator on the OTRS interface since February 15, 2007, and moderated a panel discussion on OTRS at Wikimania 2009 in Buenos Aires. Most of my recent work on Wikimedia projects has been connected to OTRS in some way.

I have done several bits of press work for the Wikimedia Foundation, primarily in March of 2007. As a result, I am mentioned once by name in the main article namespace on enwiki, at Conservapedia#Editorial viewpoints and policies, once in the main article namespace on frwiki, at fr:Conservapedia#Conservapedia et Wikipédia, and once in the main article namespace on zhwiki, at zh:保守百科. There is also an NBC News clip of me telling students not to use Wikipedia as a primary source.

Thanks to unified login, I have the username "Jredmond" on every public Wikimedia Foundation wiki. Most of my user pages on other projects link back to my user page on Meta, which in turn links here.

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