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This user loves the Pacific Northwest.

My 10,000th edit was this one, I think, which is sort of disappointing.

Articles I've started

  1. C-Class articleOregon Community Credit Union
  2. C-Class articleFrench Pete Trail
  3. Start-Class articleEastern Egg Rock Island
  4. Start-Class articleDumont de Montigny
  5. Start-Class articleEugene Public Library
  6. Stub-Class articleScoggins Creek
  7. Stub-Class articleCrane Prairie Reservoir
  8. C-Class articleOregon Portage Railroad
  9. Start-Class articleBlue River Reservoir
  10. C-Class articleOregon and Northwestern Railroad
  11. C-Class articlePort of Tillamook Bay Railroad
  12. Start-Class articleTumblebug Complex Fire
  13. Stub-Class articleDivide, Lane County, Oregon
  14. Stub-Class articleJunipers Reservoir
  15. Start-Class articleValley and Siletz Railroad
  16. Stub-Class articleOregon Tourism Commission
  17. Featured articleNatchez revolt
  18. Stub-Class articleJubilee Lake
  19. Start-Class articleSalt Creek (Middle Fork Willamette River)

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