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~Robert Anton Wilson

Ambitious, If Nothing Else[edit]

I'm a freelancing writer and avid follower of current events. I've worked under various aliases, but have recently gathered my courage and made a clear decision not to hide behind them anymore. I hope to one day be an established and respected journalist, but have always been held back by inhibition.


I'm a virtuoso guitarist and otherwise multi-instrumentalist, as well as a musical theorist. I've devotedly studied everything from classical to jazz to pop music to punk rock and metal. It's all made up of the same language and it all follows or doesn't follow the "rules" the same way. We learn the rules of artistry as a whole so we are better suited to bend and break them.

Specifically, I play guitar, piano, contrabass, mandolin, violin, violoncello, various percussion instruments, (including drum kit), and a few others.

I also enjoy composition from classically-themed solos to full orchestra arrangements, but have never pursued publishing or use of my music in any way.


"When in doubt, look about." "It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it." These are two proverbs I feel work well together; before making assumptions, one must observe everything one can to the fullest extent possible, then make the best action or commentary available. Truth, like many things, has proven throughout history to be quite subjective. We can only act based on what we know, and we never seem to know it all. It is therefore our responsibility to commit ourselves to objectively use our knowledge to the best of our ability, and to be open to the fact that we are still merely doing the best we can in the moment of action.


Bias is everywhere, and is inescapable. The only way to combat bias is to accept it, and adjust ourselves and our views based on it. This is the nature of true objectivity, and is a responsibility for anyone who attempts to authoritatively say anything about anything. There's always more to the story, and there's always another perspective. Everything is merely relative in that respect.