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Note: If you wish to contact me regarding the StringFunctions, or Navigation shortcuts, or anything else, and I fail to respond here, you might want to try to alert me by an e-mail or at meta-wiki account.
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User: jsimlo

My name is Juraj Simlovic. I was born in 1982 in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. By now I live in Prague, Czech Republic. I study computer science and work as a database architect and programmer in a small company. I also play Ultimate Frisbee in a team called Prague 7.

Besides many interests within sphere of computers, my hobbies include other sports, alpine hiking, rock and pop music and laic photographing. I like animals, mostly of the family Felidae; then elephants and horses. I read fantasy literature and finally I spend a lot on jigsaw puzzles.

On wikipedia:

  • I have created StringFunctions, a wiki extension containing various parser functions designed for string manipulations.
  • I have created Navigation shortcuts, a simple user script that adds personal links and shortcuts to the Wikipedia sidebar menu.

Off wikipedia:

  • I have created TED Notepad, an expanding free text editor and notepad replacement for Windows. It was my school project, but as it started to grow to some popularity, I decided to improve it further and further and further.
  • I have created Griddlers Solver, free application designed for creating and solving nonogram puzzles. It was used for example to create this animation.
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