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Cathedrals in Spain[edit]

Cathedrals in Spain
List of cathedrals
Cathedrals of the Roman Catholic Church in Spain
Archdiocese of Barcelona
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Barcelona
Barcelona Cathedral
Eulalia of Barcelona
Lawrence of Rome
Roman Catholic Diocese of Sant Feliu de Llobregat
Holy Spirit
Roman Catholic Diocese of Terrassa
Sagrada Família
Holy Family
Archdiocese of Burgos
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Burgos
Burgos Cathedral
Mary (mother of Jesus)
Bilbao Cathedral
James, son of Zebedee
Roman Catholic Diocese of Bilbao
Palencia Cathedral
Antoninus of Pamiers
Roman Catholic Diocese of Palencia
Burgo de Osma Cathedral
Assumption of Mary
Roman Catholic Diocese of Osma-Soria
Saint Peter
San Sebastián Cathedral
Good Shepherd
Roman Catholic Diocese of San Sebastián
Archdiocese of Granada
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Granada
Granada Cathedral
Almería Cathedral
Guadix Cathedral
Jaén Cathedral
Málaga Cathedral
Cathedral of Murcia
Cartagena Cathedral
Archdiocese of Madrid
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Madrid
Almudena Cathedral
Justus and Pastor
Getafe Cathedral
Mary Magdalene
Justo Gallego Martínez
Archdiocese of Mérida-Badajoz
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mérida-Badajoz
Badajoz Cathedral
John the Baptist
Co-Cathedral of Saint Mary Major, Mérida
Archdiocese of Oviedo
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Oviedo
Oviedo Cathedral
Astorga Cathedral
León Cathedral
Santander Cathedral
Archdiocese of Pamplona
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Pamplona y Tudela
Pamplona Cathedral
Dominic de la Calzada
Archdiocese of Santiago de Compostela
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Santiago de Compostela
Santiago de Compostela Cathedral
Santiago de Compostela
Saint Julian
Lugo Cathedral
Ourense Cathedral
Martin of Tours
Tui, Pontevedra
Archdiocese of Seville
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seville
Seville Cathedral
Cádiz Cathedral
Christian cross
Ceuta Cathedral
Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy
Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba
Jerez de la Frontera Cathedral
La Laguna Cathedral
San Cristóbal de La Laguna
Saint Anne
Archdiocese of Tarragona
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Tarragona
Tarragona Cathedral
Girona Cathedral
La Seu Vella, Lleida
Vincent of Saragossa
Solsona Cathedral
Tortosa Cathedral
La Seu d'Urgell Cathedral
Vic Cathedral
County of Urgell
Archdiocese of Toledo
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toledo
Toledo Cathedral
Albacete Cathedral
Ciudad Real Cathedral
Cuenca Cathedral
Julian of Cuenca
Sigüenza Cathedral
Archdiocese of Valencia
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Valencia
Valencia Cathedral
Concatedral de San Nicolás, Alicante
Saint Nicholas
Ibiza Cathedral
Palma Cathedral
Minorca Cathedral
Orihuela Cathedral
Segorbe Cathedral
Archdiocese of Valladolid
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Valladolid
Valladolid Cathedral
Ávila Cathedral
New Cathedral, Salamanca
Old Cathedral, Salamanca
Segovia Cathedral
Zamora Cathedral
Archdiocese of Zaragoza
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Zaragoza
La Seo Cathedral
Huesca Cathedral
Tarazona Cathedral
Teruel Cathedral
Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar
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