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Why Dante would have contributed to Wikipedia

All men whom the higher nature has imbued with a love of truth should feel impelled to work for the benefit of future generations, whom they will thereby enrich just as they themselves have been enriched by the labours of their ancestors. Let there be no doubt in the mind of the man who has benefited from the common heritage but does not trouble to contribute to the common good that he is failing sadly in his duty.

Dante Alighieri – De Monarchia I.1
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My name is Iain McIntyre. I am a male 30something and live in the UK. I am also a musician with a Bachelor's Degree in Music, but I no longer work in music. I have composed several works — including a concerto for piano and alto flute, and a large-scale work for wind instruments — all of which remain unpublished. My poem "Unaccompanied" won an award after I submitted it on and was published in a compilation in 2004. I presently live here (as a carer for my father), though I was born here (of parents from here) and have lived here, here, here, here and here, among other places. I am not an Australian rock star (unfortunately).

A bit of fun in Googlish[edit]

Babelfish leads and two times translates, but is it what?

This meat in order, or: It is question: ' Tis where is nobler from the mind will undergo will have the sling and the arrow or the arm of the fortune which is outrageous about the ocean of trouble and in order to go, and will oppose and that (thing) will listen and ends? In order to die: In order self; Any more; And us in compliance with the sleep which says the grief which ends and the shock the ' which thousand is natural in the successor, the flesh; Is; tis completions piously, wish' In order selfishness; D. in order to die, in order self; In order self: Probably in dream: there' ay; s rubbing; Respects from the sleep of dead dream and coming, we whom does not know fall this fateful coil and when mixing up, we must give resting: there' s respect it make the calamity of Changsu like this; Respect a troublesome eulogy and to cherish the whip time despise, oppressor' s is unjust, man' where is haughty; s the love which and contumely and is despised acute pain, law' s delays, the office is haughty to purse and the merit which is the patience of the capture which is not the value which throws away, when he that oneself does not make his quietus knowing, the punishment thing with bodkin where takes off? fardels bears who should have been boiled under the cold region, with in order in the lower part of the life which is tired picking the [thwu] the atmosphere which will take, but after dead silence fear, undiscover' Him neither anyone traveler of d nations gives back a will from bourn not to be, to perplexity does and rather cherishes the evil which we are having in us are not we and is knowing and in the person flight range? The conscience makes our all cowards consequently; And is like this origin color sicklied o' of solution; Is; ce_e, in the throwing which thoughts is pale, and is serious and the enterprise of moment them currently the non-[su] [tum] goes round with relationship, and lose the name of activity. – Are soft now you! who Is fair Ophelia! where From thy orisons nymph, the sin whole remember' Be; D.


Picture of the day
Magdalene College, Cambridge, dining hall

The dining hall at Magdalene College, Cambridge. Built in the early 16th century, the hall is used for Formal Hall. Fellows and their guests dine at the High Table, placed on a platform one step above ground level at the far end of the hall. Students dine at three long benches in front of and perpendicular to the High Table and spanning to the entrance.

Magdalene College is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge. It was founded in 1428 as a Benedictine hostel. Today it is one of the smaller constituent colleges.

Photograph: David Iliff; edit: Adam Cuerden
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