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Erik Moss born July 29, 1989, Marsh airforce base, california.

Child Birth[edit]

At child birth Erik moss had an asthma attack.


In 1996 erik began thinking correctly about things such as religion or why people suck so bad but later just thought it was a natural thing.

In 2001 Erik met Corey davis and they became good friends and have coninued to be god friends (2001-?)

2007 Erik moss got bored and made his own Wikipedia page for himself.

Favorite Actors[edit]

Jim carrey, Will ferell, Steve carroll

Favorite Games[edit]

Grand Theft Auto:Vice City, Manhunt, Gears of war, Starcraft, Halo 2, Super Smash Bros Melee, Zombie ate my Neighbors, Pacman, Daytona, Scarface: The World is Yours


Erik Moss has not died yet.As you know he was born in 1989 and he will not live until 2100 you can bank on that.Erik Moss is at the hospital as you are reading dying of a rare type of brain cancer while he still suffers asthma attacks.