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Helo. I'm Jubo-Jubo, a Pipe dreamer of the pipedreamiest dream(s) and the founder of The effort - Enhancing Consumer Infomedness ( since 2002 ), bill payer of ( .org 2004-ongoing ) and podmin of Diaspora* ( since 2013 ) in Finland UTC + 2 ( me, not the server ). User:Redress perhaps (contributions) is also an account of mine since 2013.

I enjoy making some Wikivoyage edits. Also sailing.

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Caution: The wikireaders may contain errors and are not part of the Encyclopedia as they are a compilation of definitions from Wikipedia, notes from teachers, other students and me. Source documents for these wikireaders are from User:Jukeboksi/BBA_studies at (previous locations and before that

You can find me on Libera Chat blog when thought item is more suited there than irc which is to be consumed in the moment. Boring irc replays are exactly that: boring irc replays

I used to work on Wiktionary in the 00's.

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Welcome to Ленингр... Saint Petersburg 2012.
Own copylefted photo uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

So far I've started:

I've imported from Consumerium effort development wiki under the clauses of the GFDL with no front cover texts or invariant sections:

and various others.. I guess having the first edit Edit summary note that the article originates from outside of Wikipedia proper is compliance with the license.

So far I've contributed to:

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I started contributing to Wikipedia on February 22 2003.