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Jump The Cheese!!![edit]

Today is

I first stumbled across Wikipedia sometime in 2004, but neglected to create an account until December 11, 2005. I became actively involved in Wikipedia at around January 2006.
I spend most of my free time on Wikipedia expanding articles, reverting various vandalism, adding pics, and other random stuffs. I hate disruptive users.

Behind the name[edit]

I chose the username "Jumping cheese" because I'm a high jumper and I hate cheese. Seriously. The "cheese" is lowercased because I accidentally forgot to capitalize it when I created my account. I only noticed my mistake after I made like ten edits, so I didn't want to create a new account and lose those edits. As I later found out, "Jumping cheese" (also known as "Casu marzu") is actually a real type of Italian cheese with larvae that jump on your face when you try to eat the cheese, hence for the recommendation to wear eye protecting (cheese fly larvae squirming in your eyes can't be good).
Here are some nicknames other Wikipedians have given me:

  • JC
  • J Cheese
  • Cheese
  • Mr. Cheese
  • Cheesy
  • Jumping

If you are really really bored, you can take a look at how my signature has changed over time. Enjoy!

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Pages I've Started[edit]

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Random stuff about Wikipedia[edit]

Giant kingfisher
A female giant kingfisher (Megaceryle maxima) feeding on a tilapia on Lake Naivasha, Kenya. From left to right, this composite of four images illustrates: 1. the kingfisher returning to its perch with its prey; 2. smashing it against the post to break its spine; 3. holding it; 4. beginning to consume it.Photograph: Charles J. Sharp

Today's featured article

Westbound I-96 as it passes under Sternberg Road approaching US 31

Interstate 96 (I-96) is an Interstate Highway running 192 miles (309 km) roughly east–west entirely within the US state of Michigan, from east of Lake Michigan at US Highway 31 near Muskegon to I-75 near the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit. From Grand Rapids through Lansing to Detroit, the freeway parallels Grand River Avenue, never straying more than a few miles from the decommissioned US 16. Within the city of Detroit, the road was renamed the Rosa Parks Memorial Highway in 2005 in honor of the late civil rights pioneer. There are four auxiliary Interstate Highways as well as two current and four former business routes associated with I-96. Grand River Avenue originated as an Indian trail before Michigan statehood. It was later used as a wagon road across the state. In 1919 the roadway was included in the State Trunkline Highway System as M-16 and later the US Numbered Highway System as US 16. Construction of the freeway was started in 1956 and initially completed across the state to Detroit in 1962. I-96 was completed in the Detroit area on November 21, 1977. (Full article...)

Part of the Interstate 96 and the Interstate Highways in Michigan series, two of Wikipedia's featured topics.

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