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Sunsets lost in, Skies of hazy greys, June gloom sets in, Puts me in a daze. – "June Gloom" by The Like

I created an account on 3 January 2007, but did not start regularly editing until 2009. As the box on the right says, please leave me a message if I have made a mistake during my editing. Even though I've been here for a few years now, I'm constantly learning about how Wikipedia works. You'll usually find me lurking around articles relating to Australian soap operas Neighbours and Home and Away, which I'm trying to improve, expand and source with the help of Raintheone. Other areas of interest include; films, songs, books, fashion designers, works of art, Jane Austen, The Archers, Holby City and The Drew Carey Show. I'm sure I'll edit just about anything though.

I'm easily distracted from projects, so I often work on lots of things at once. I'm always trying to finish off the many article drafts I have in my userspace! I sometimes prefer to collaborate on an article, but I hate others taking content from or editing my userspace drafts without dropping me a note on my talk page first. Good manners cost nothing! I also pop into WP:ITN/C occasionally and undertake a bit of wikignoming. I created my first article on 10 September 2009, received my first Good Article on 30 December 2009, my first Did You Know on 23 March 2010 and my first Featured List on 30 April 2010.


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