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Welcome to my world.

Choice references[edit]

  • The Partnership: A History of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project[1] -- Kennedy-Khrushchev letters of Feb-Mar 1962 !!! Looks like Space Race may have to be corrected!
  • Apollo By the Numbers: A Statistical Reference:[2]]
  • Chariots for Apollo: A History of Manned Lunar Spacecraft:[3]
  • Moonport: A History of Apollo Launch Facilities and Operations:[4]
  • Before This Decade is Out: Personal Reflections on the Apollo Program. SP-4223. NASA:[5]
    • Chapter 5 George E. Mueller:[6]

Articles I have created:[edit]


Reusable short footnotes in Harvard format:

<ref name="name">citation text</ref> <ref name="name" />

{{sfnp | last name(s) of author(s) | year | p=page number or pp=page range or loc=other location }}

== Notes ==

* {{citation | title = Smith's paper | ref = harv }} This is not necessary for {{citation}}, but is normally necessary for the others.

To-do list
edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for User:JustinTime55:
Source: [Bringing the Heat - Page 62 - Google Books Result]
1961 Blue law case -- also Two Guys
  1. Add more citations:
  • R. C. Seamans, Jr. Project Apollo: The Tough Decisions. Monographs in Aerospace History Number 37. NASA SP-2005-4537, Washington, D.C., 2005.

  • R. C. Seamans, Aiming At Targets: The Autobiography Of Robert C. Seamans, Jr., Memoirs Unlimited, c1994.

  1. add creation of AS204 Accident Review Board
  2. provide context of "prayer" photo (Chariots for Apollo?)
  3. correct mis-reporting of Mrs. Grissom's "lemon" story (simulator, not spacecraft)

Riley D. McCafferty, interview, Cocoa, Fla., 15 Nov. 1969; Slayton to CSM Contracting Officer, "Acceptance of Apollo Mission Simulator No. 2," 12 Aug. 1966; reported in Chariots for Apollo, ch8-7, "Preparations for the First Manned Apollo Mission". Betty Grissom and Henry Still, Starfall (New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1974), p. 24; reported in ref. 9 in the article (Mary C., White. "Gus Grissom". Detailed Biographies of Apollo I Crew. NASA History. Retrieved 2008-07-29.)

  • Fix cost debacle: new section; cite Wilford p. 67: true cost is $1.2834 B 1969 (0.7974 spacecraft, 0.4098 LV, 0.0762 support)
  • Ditto; cost is $392.6 million, broken up 5 ways.
  • check cost; total = #25.5919 billion, minus the above

Space Transportation System (re-direct page)

  • Explain on talk page Talk:Space Transportation System
  • Find verification of the original programNASA monographs: Report of the Space Task Group, 1969; Hepplewhite, The Space Shuttle Decision: NASA's Search for a Reusable Space Vehicle
  • Revert the re-direct and correct the original page
  • Expand / correct the page --- WIP

Man In Space Soonest

Flight engineer

  • Restructure / add info to reflect spacecraft application (and distinguish from aircraft)

List of astronauts by year of selection

  1. cleanup NASA career section
  2. add first rendezvous attempt and mention spacewalk (not just about UFO sighting)
  3. mention he saved his and White's life with the GT4 hatch problem
  4. add GT4 LBJ invites / promotion
  5. convert oral tradition link to cite(s)
  • Gemini 4 - add communications problem during walk (cite transcript)
  • Apollo 13 - add creation of accident review (Cartwright) board
  • Man-made disasters#Space - finish cleanup; add Skylab reentry; explain Apollo 1, Challenger, Columbia, et al were not disasters in this sense.
  • Apollo 10 - try to straighten out perilune mess; copyedit intro ("practice maneuvers")
  1. Cleanup Farfel the Dog -- what a mess!
  2. Cleanup Nesquik mess and link there
  3. Link in NestléDon't bother


This should probably be a template:


Turn me on, dead man
John Lennon in 1969
Robin Williams
Sorry you felt you had to leave the party early.
Peter Cushing in Brides of Dracula, 1960
Turn me on, dead girl
Shirley Temple at age 16
Judy Garland in 1945