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UBXs for Free Use!
UBXs for Free Use!

Media Fandom[edit]

Jolie.jpg This user just adores celebrities ... with a guilty pleasure. Tom cruise 1989.jpg
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/adores celebrities}} whatlinkshere
Paris Hilton mug shot (2007).jpg This user expresses disgust at the way celebrities choose to live their lives. Mel Gibson taken July-28-2006.jpg
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/celeb disgust}} whatlinkshere
Paparazzi by David Shankbone.jpg This user is disgusted by the overblown media coverage of celebrities.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/media disgust}} whatlinkshere
( ) ( ) This user prefers the original Turtles - no pupils and all red masks for life.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/tmnt no pupils and red mask}} whatlinkshere
( ) ( ) This user prefers the Turtles without pupils.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/tmnt no pupils}} whatlinkshere
(o)(o) This user prefers the Turtles with pupils.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/tmnt pupils}} whatlinkshere
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/simpsons broadway}} whatlinkshere
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/martinidoesntgivedamn}} whatlinkshere
MERS (1).JPG This user really hates cliffhangers.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/hate cliffhangers}} whatlinkshere
Monkey Sam Before The Flight On Little Joe 2.jpg
This user is as curious as George.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/curiousgeorge fan}} whatlinkshere
Sonic Jump.svg This user is against Sega for creating more Sonic characters instead of reviving old ones...
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/recycle sonicchars plz}} whatlinkshere

Artist Tributes[edit]

{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/kanye throughthewire}} whatlinkshere
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/kanye allfallsdown}} whatlinkshere

UBXs About UBXs...[edit]

Nuvola apps xmag.png This user would like a search engine for Wikipedia userboxes.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/searchengine userboxes}} whatlinkshere
BulbgraphOnOff.gif New concepts for userboxes keep popping up in this user's mind.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/ideas userboxes}} whatlinkshere
Arrows-orphanize.png This user doesn't come up with new userbox ideas; they come to him or her instead.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/ideas userboxes 2}} whatlinkshere
Borat in Cologne.jpg This user has edited someone else's userboxes in the past. Naughty naughty!
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/edited others UBX}} whatlinkshere
Photoart - Two cows.JPG This user prefers userboxes with abstract images.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/prefers picture UBX}} whatlinkshere
I wish there weren't that much userboxes beginning with This user...
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/dislikes this user in UBXs}} whatlinkshere


Corned Beef This user demands that every word in the article title should start with a Capital.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/wikititlesstartincaps}} whatlinkshere
Wikipedia-logo.png This user thinks that Wikipedia is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Brood.jpg
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/wikilove slicedbread}} whatlinkshere
WM2006 0060 littlewhitepatch.jpg This user has been blessed by the little white patch of Jimbo's beard.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/wikilove wales}} whatlinkshere
L Sanger.jpg Don't forget about Larry!
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/larry sanger}} whatlinkshere
Imac 2007.png This user believes that Wikipedia is best viewed on a Mac.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/wikibestonmac}} whatlinkshere
Louvres-radeau-de-la-meduse-img 2930.jpg This user is on a quest to include a picture in every Wikipedia article.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/wikiquest pics}} whatlinkshere
WP1 0 Icon.svgThis user is a member of the Wikipedia 1.0 Editorial Team's Torrent Project.Gftp.svg
{{User WP1.0TORRENT}} whatlinkshere
Nuvola apps Talk.PNG This user does not judge other users by their userpage.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/not by userpage}} whatlinkshere
PleaseHello, please don't vandalize me...
{{User don't vandalize me}} whatlinkshere
Nuvola apps Talk.PNG This user prefers to negotiate than declaring (an edit) war.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/negotiate}} whatlinkshere
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg This user feels that the English Wikipedia needs to be subdivided into British and American English. Icons-flag-us.png
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/wp-en divide}} whatlinkshere
Crystal important.png This user prefers learning the rules of Wikipedia through trial and error.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/wiki trialerror}} whatlinkshere

Conveniently Canadian![edit]

{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/i am canadian}} whatlinkshere


This user's TV service provider is Shaw.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/shaw cable}} whatlinkshere
CBUTThis user watches CBC Television in Vancouver.
{{User:UBX/CBC Vancouver}} whatlinkshere
CitytvThis user watches Citytv.
{{User:UBX/Citytv}} whatlinkshere


Flag of Canada.svg This user acknowledges Canada's role in Afghanistan as a peacekeeping mission. Flag of Afghanistan.svg
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/canadian mission afghani}} whatlinkshere

Moral Views...[edit]

Michelangelo's Pieta 5450 small.jpg This user has realized that religion is corrupted.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/religion corrupted}} whatlinkshere
Red pill wikipedia.png This user thinks of religion as a pill. Yes, it relieves people of their harsh realities, but does it give them an effective cure?
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/religion likeapill}} whatlinkshere
Bocksbeutels.jpg This user thinks of religion as a lie. After all, all lies age, like wine, to become the truth.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/religion likealie}} whatlinkshere
Bleeding finger.jpg
This user is open to the concept of religion as long as lives are not harmed.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/religion no harm}} whatlinkshere
Avion marocain Tifariti.jpg This user suspects that religion is a tool for domination.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/religion tool}} whatlinkshere
Allah.svg This user believes that Allah's name has been misused.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/Allah misused}} whatlinkshere
Ngc1999.jpg At this moment, God is crying. For the world. Whoever he, she or it is.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/God crying}} whatlinkshere
Pressure.cooker.jpg This user is immune to peer pressure.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/peer pressure immune}} whatlinkshere
Madrid equality graffiti todos somos iguales.jpg This user supports equality for everyone.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/equality for everyone}} whatlinkshere
PASTT at Gay Pride 2005.JPG This user is straight but not narrow.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/notnarrow alt}} whatlinkshere
Ephesians 2,12 - Greek atheos.jpg This user just doesn't find religion to be... well, believable.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/religion not believable}} whatlinkshere
Pachinko parlor dsc04790.jpg
This user may be a gambler, but he or she certainly doesn't spend'em all.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/cautious gambler}} whatlinkshere
Anarchy-symbol.svg This user has the right to question authority.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/right to question}} whatlinkshere
God2-Sistine Chapel.png Although God cannot turn the hands of fate, He guides this user through destiny.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/destiny}} whatlinkshere
Rinjani 1994.jpg

This user wishes there weren't that much chaos in the world.

{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/too much chaos}} whatlinkshere
This user believes, based on experience, that society favors the "straight christian white male".
Christian cross.svg
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/straight christian white male}} whatlinkshere

Governmental Views.[edit]

Brasilian soldiers.jpg This user is against Singapore's National Service system, for obvious reasons...
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/disapprove NS}} whatlinkshere
Mark Foley.JPG This user believes that people of authority are nothing but hypocrites.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/authority hypocrites markfoley}} whatlinkshere
Larry Craig official portrait.jpg This user believes that people of authority are nothing but hypocrites.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/authority hypocrites larrycraig}} whatlinkshere

Careers of Wage... or Not.[edit]

US mail letterbox.jpg Rain, sleet, hail or snow, this user always delivers the mail.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/career-mail}} whatlinkshere
Screenshot of random rectangles of black and white.png This user is an up-and-coming artist.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/up&comingartist}} whatlinkshere
Nakameguro poster pylon.jpg This user is a yet-to-be-discovered' INSERT-YOUR-CAREER-HERE'.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/yet2Bdiscovered|INSERT-YOUR-CAREER-HERE}} (Note: This UBX can be customized for any profession. Just replace 'INSERT-YOUR-CAREER-HERE' with 'actor', 'actress', 'comedian', 'dancer', anything!) whatlinkshere

Irregularities/Things That Define Us[edit]

-_-" This user is a former addict of radical emoticons. -O- Dang it! >_<
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/emoticonaddict}} whatlinkshere
Japanese Macaques sleeping.JPG This user procrastinates often.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/procrastinates often}} whatlinkshere
Japanese Macaques sleeping.JPG This user procrastinates, as they are a perfectionist.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/procrastinates perfectionist}} whatlinkshere
A_5_5 T_h_i_s__u_s_e_r__o_v_e_r_u_s_e_s_ _u_n_d_e_r_s_c_o_r_e_s_.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/_o_v_e_r_u_s_e__u_n_d_e_r_s_c_o_r_e_}} whatlinkshere
Nofart.svg This user has farted  in public. So what? Everyone does.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/fartedinpublic}} whatlinkshere
Fortune Cookie 6.jpg This user believes  in the messages of the almighty Fortune Cookie!
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/believeinfortunecookie paper}} whatlinkshere
Fortune cookie broken 20040628 223252 1.jpg This user believes  in the messages of the almighty Fortune Cookie!
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/believeinfortunecookie pastry}} whatlinkshere
Acrux.png This user will not lose the ability to imagine upon reaching the burden of adulthood.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/imagination youth}} whatlinkshere
Person wearing pantyhose.jpg This user is dead  sexy.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/dead sexy female}} whatlinkshere
Benczur-narcissus.jpg This user is dead sexy.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/dead sexy male}} whatlinkshere
COS 09.JPG This user admits being an occasional hypocrite.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/occasional hypocrite}} whatlinkshere
E coli at 10000x, original.jpg This user still fears e. coli.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/still fears e.coli}} whatlinkshere
UserBox this user likes tattoos 10-OCT-2007.svgTHIS USER WAS SO DRUNK WHEN HE GOT THAT TATTOO...
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/tattoo drunk}} (Note: Use {{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/tattoo drunk|not}} if you were not drunk while getting tattoos.)whatlinkshere
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user wants to know more about the world.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/know more}} whatlinkshere
Arm flex supinate.jpg
Muscles and grime don't make this user; it's how he uses his god-given {{{1}}} .
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/godgiven male}} (Note: This UBX can be customized for any trait. Example: {{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/godgiven male|charm}}) whatlinkshere
Ingres, The source.jpg
Hips and kisses don't make this user; it's how she uses her god-given {{{1}}} .
Kissing Prairie dog edit 3.jpg
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/godgiven female}} (Note: This UBX can be customized for any trait. Example: {{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/godgiven male|charm}}) whatlinkshere
Hereford bull large.jpg
This user is allergic to bull.
Hereford bull large.jpg
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/no bullshit}} whatlinkshere
FWNietzscheSiebe.jpg What doesn't kill this user only makes them stronger.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/stronger}} whatlinkshere
Ladder and telegraph pole.jpg This user is irrationally obsessed in avoiding superstitions.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/obsessed superstitions}} whatlinkshere
Ladder and telegraph pole.jpg
This user is an atheist... to superstitions, that is.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/atheist to superstitions}} whatlinkshere
This user enjoys more than just the uh, sex in pornography.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/enjoys porn extragoodly}} whatlinkshere
Hormons feedback - Sprzężenie zwrotne hormonow.svg
This user is afraid of growing up.
Hormons feedback - Sprzężenie zwrotne hormonow.svg
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/growing up is scary}} whatlinkshere (Note: Use {{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/growing up is scary|not}} if you are really not afraid of growing up.)whatlinkshere
Grandmother carrying child in Borana, Ethiopia.jpg
This user is afraid of growing old.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/growing old is scary}} whatlinkshere (Note: Use {{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/growing old is scary|not}} if you are really not afraid of growing old.)whatlinkshere
Weird egg thing.pngWeird egg thing.png
This user loves being weird.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/weird}} whatlinkshere
1000 United States two-dollar bills in shrink wrap.jpg This user has thought about retire- ment and has done something about it.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/retirement}} whatlinkshere
Champagne coupe.svg Brandysnifsi.svg Champagne coupe.svg This user enjoys mixing drinks.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/enjoys mixing drinks}} whatlinkshere
Yahrtzeit candle.JPG This user had survived consecutive days without sleep.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/nosleep days}} whatlinkshere
Yahrtzeit candle.JPG

This user had survived a day without sleep but has no plans to do it ever again.

{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/nosleep neveragain}} whatlinkshere

This user is aware that his or her eraser always goes missing before it can be used up...

{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/eraser}} whatlinkshere

It's Got to Do With Food?[edit]

Cooked, Boiled, Fried, Steamed...[edit]

Iceberg1.jpg Iceberg or romaine? The user just can't decide... Romaine.jpg
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/iceberg or romaine}} whatlinkshere

Desserts, Confections, Sweets...[edit]

Dark chocolate Blanxart.jpg
This user prefers dark chocolate
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/dark chocolate}} whatlinkshere
This user prefers white chocolate
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/white chocolate}} whatlinkshere
Fortune cookie.jpg This user knows very well that this isn't real Chinese food.

{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/chinese food fortunecookie}} whatlinkshere

MiC This user loves milano cookies.
{{User:Jw21/deUBdomain/milano cookie}} whatlinkshere