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I live in Santa Barbara, California and enjoy people, flying, and photography along with innumerable other things.

One of my many aerial photos of scenic Santa Barbara (10/28/08)

Most of my photos are mingled with descriptions and narrative on my blog, where there's also a Contact Form in case you'd like to reach me directly. I'm also active on the SBitZ.NET regional news group where I often publish larger versions of my aerial photos. Some of my favorite online photos are also here, and all of those are non-commercial but copyrighted. You'll also find a small but growing number of my photos with something closer to "copyleft" on my Wiki Commons page.

I started 2009 by contributing to Wikipedia an aerial photo of the nearby Cold Spring Canyon Arch Bridge, to complement my words and photos on our amazing free local resource EdHat. I've also contributed aerial photos to the wiki page for Michael Jackson's nearby Neverland Ranch. After dabbling with wiki for only a week I was able to create the Painted Rock page, my first entirely new wikipedia page (with kind help from Antandrus and Dreamyshade), and adorned it with aerial photos I've always liked a lot but didn't know how to share. I've now also created new pages for Laurel Springs Ranch, Painted Cave, Shalawa Meadow, and California Valley Airport. I invite you to join us in the fun contribution of filling in SB area wikipedia pages, and you could find some ideas here.

Here's to a year filled with learning and friendship - and flying!

~ John Wiley ~

Note: I've added a Contact option on My Blog