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Name J. W. Anderson
Born 1979
Country  Canada
Current location Campbell River, British Columbia
Family and friends
Marital status Single
Education and employment
Occupation PhD Student
Education B.Sc. Comp Sci & Physics
Contact info
Email james.wanders@gmail
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Review Area Latest Article Date Reviewed
Requests for Feedback Time Enough at Last August 4, 2006
Good Articles Atom February 10,2008
Peer Review Abortion-breast cancer hypothesis August 2,2006
Featured Article Candidates Countdown (game show) July 26,2006

Relevant Bio[edit]

I have formal education and training in:

additionally, I have read extensively on:

as well as having many other interests, including:

and would be happy to provide expert (or at least informed) comment on any of the above :-)

Rules to wiki by[edit]

Some rules I (try to) follow:

  • Make every edit count.
  • Make my points once and once only.
  • Respond in heated discussions no more than once a day.
  • Allow other users to work on whatever area of the project they choose.


I frequently take extended WikiBreaks with no prior warning, as my WikiIntrest ebbs and flows. If you'd like to contact me about something and I haven't edited in a while, feel free to use the email in my user infobox at right (add ".com" at the end!).

Current Projects[edit]

Sustainable Technologies Project[edit]

I spend most my wikitime working on my sustainable technologies project. It's in my user space for now, but if you're interested feel free to check it out.

Medical Physics[edit]

I'm also hoping to do some work on medical physics articles (I'm am doing a PhD in the field, after all).

To Do List[edit]

  • Do some work on pages needing physics/math expert attenion; many seem to be missing a "layman's intro".
  • Confidence interval reportedly needs to be more lay-friendly.
  • Ecocites needs massive clean-up; also might fit in SusTech.
  • Add more stuff to my to do list.

Good Advice[edit]

Favorite Contributions[edit]

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