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Jyothis Edathoot[edit]

A Malayalee, who spent his most of the life relocating within Kerala and travelling across south India and finally resting for a little time outside the Country. Elder Son to a great mother and father, who loves literature and science alike, brother to a wonderful sister and Husband to a great lady. Inherited a little from both, on the near perfect blend. Loves Travelling, friends, music and a busy life. A late entrant into writing, still budding. A non-alchoholic work holic. I have identified to wikimedia foundation on Sunday, Feb 8th, 2009

Busy these days in Malayalam Wikipedia. Catch me there if you need me.

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Thank you for helping me setting up my bot TinucherianBot II for interwiki linking -- Tinu Cherian - 10:05, 24 October 2008 (UTC)

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