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I write software.

For the curious, here's my Google profile.

Important Note[edit]

This page was originally a user page created for the Wikipedia at If you are reading this page at some other site, chances are that you are reading a mirror that has copied all Wikipedia's content, but neglected to do something intelligent with the user pages. The demonstrable thoughtlessness of this mirror probably means it has also failed to give proper attribution to Wikipedia, as required by the Wikipedia's license.

The Wikipedia project was built on the values of collaboration and sharing knowledge, values which have produced all the content you witness on this site. Most mirrors do not honor these values. The original Wikipedia explicitly encourages user editing of articles. Most mirrors do not, presenting non-editable pages and relegating the open content license to obscure small print. Wikipedia presents articles in a reader-friendly design that emphasizes clarity and ease of reading. Most mirrors do not, cluttering up the design with superfluous links and text designed to boost their ranking in search engines.

Also, pragmatically, the original Wikipedia contains the most up-to-date version of all articles. For this practical reason alone, links to Wikipedia articles serve your audience better than links to mirrors.

Therefore, in the future, please support and link to the original Wikipedia, not its mirrors. Thank you.

Licensing of Contributions[edit]

I agree to multi-license all my contributions, with the exception of my user pages, as described below:

CC some rights reserved.svg Multi-licensed with all Creative Commons Attribution Licences
I agree to multi-license my text contributions, unless otherwise stated, under Wikipedia's copyright terms and the Creative Commons licences by-sa v1.0, by v2.0, by-nd v2.0, by-nc v2.0, by-nc-nd v2.0, by-nc-sa v2.0, and by-sa v2.0. Please be aware that other contributors might not do the same, so if you want to use my contributions under alternate licensing, please check the CC dual-licence and Multi-licensing guides.

Additionally, Wikimedia may re-license as it sees fit:

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svg Licensing rights granted to Wikimedia Foundation
I grant non-exclusive permission for the Wikimedia Foundation Inc. to relicense my text and media contributions, including any images, audio clips, or video clips, under any copyleft license that it chooses, provided it maintains the free and open spirit of the GFDL. This permission acknowledges that future licensing needs of the Wikimedia projects may need adapting in unforeseen fashions to facilitate other uses, formats, and locations. It is given for as long as this banner remains.

Selected Contributions[edit]

My first logged-in edit ever:

Articles to which I've contributed significant original content:

  • Programming language:
    • I once engaged in the hubristic folly of a total rewrite of this article in my user space. It got out of hand and I never managed to merge it back into the main article. Two years later another user had to come along and rescue what could be salvaged. Let this serve as a cautionary tale: Don't be like me. Edit on the live article, and divide your work into small chunks that can be committed incrementally.

Notable uploads: