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James Bond[edit]


Thanks for the heads up. I don't get the rationale for wanting it deleted. Then again from time to time you do get elitists who feel all pop-culture articles should be deleted. I remember the guy who tried to AFD all the Star Trek episode articles... 23skidoo 00:34, 9 December 2005 (UTC)

Thunderball comic strip[edit]

I just noticed a possible error but I thought I'd check to see if you might know different. In the write up on the aborted Thunderball comic strip, it's mentioned that Beaverbrook cancelled it over a dispute over the rights to the comic strip of Living Daylights. However, the strip was cancelled in February 1962 -- Living Daylights wasn't published until the fall of 1962 and wasn't released in book form until 1966. I supppose it's possible Beaverbrook was aware of the upcoming story, but on first glance it appears the chronology doesn't support it. Plus, the Express not the Times were the ones who published the strip. Thoughts? 23skidoo 23:32, 17 December 2005 (UTC)

  • I guess TLD must have been sitting around for awhile before it was published. I wonder if it might have been a FYEO leftover? 23skidoo 23:46, 17 December 2005 (UTC)
    • I wonder if the publishing dates we've used for TLD might be incorrect? I can't imagine Fleming making a deal on publishing a story that wouldn't see print for nearly a year. I'll have to double check the dates. 23skidoo 23:58, 17 December 2005 (UTC)

You Only Live Twice[edit]

Efficient as ever!! Reference done. I realise the BBC report didn't mention the Bond element, I was just placing it there to reference the actual crash. Interesting though? What would Bond have been like without Broccoli and Ken Adam! Mark83 00:12, 11 December 2005 (UTC)

No problem, I should have referenced it at the start! I have 13 region 2 DVDs and all of them have a "making of" type documentary and usually another, e.g. "the music of James Bond". I find the older ones far more interesting as there are more facts that aren't well known, whereas the details of the modern films are very well documented and picked apart. I've got to say it's a great marketing tool, I would nearly buy the DVD of a film I don't like just for the documentaries/commentaries! Mark83 19:10, 11 December 2005 (UTC)

Video game console picture[edit]

Hi there, it's been almost a month and (after completely forgetting it, too) I've noticed you never replied to my proposal for a header picture for the article (as discussed here). wS; 10:04, 11 November 2005 (UTC)

Alias infobox[edit]

Good work on the revamp. If I have a suggestion, though, it's that the names shouldn't be in alphabetical order. Sydney should be listed first, following by Vaughn, Jack, and Sloane, and the rest of the cast perhaps listed in the order of their appearance on the show (so Rachel, Grace and Renee would come at the end). Otherwise it's a vast improvement. 23skidoo 00:36, 14 November 2005 (UTC)


Cheers for catching the vandalism on my userpage. By the looks of things "Sovietloveletter" started at the #'s and was just starting on the A's when he got booted. What's amazing it is wasn't an anon for once! 23skidoo 02:38, 15 November 2005 (UTC)

  • Speaking of vandalism, have you noticed a growing amount of vandalism in the last few days, by anons who do a whole bunch of different edits? You probably saw the major revert I had to do on the main Bond article because someone sprinkled nonsense throughout that was not caught. I've actually found myself blocking users for the first time in the last day or so just to get a few of these guys to stop. 23skidoo 03:06, 16 November 2005 (UTC)
    • Thanks for the advice. I was wondering what "rollback" was but hadn't gotten around to trying it out. So far I've done two blocks - one was for a designated AOL IP so I could only do 15 minutes with it, and then there was another IP that wasn't marked as such so I gave it an hour. Maybe someday I'll be really bold and do an indefinite block like what was handed down to that guy who vandalized my userpage earlier. 23skidoo 03:28, 16 November 2005 (UTC)
      • The monolog thing looks pretty cool - thanks! 23skidoo 03:38, 16 November 2005 (UTC)
      • Didn't realize the code had your name on it. Good catch. My browser seems to be giving me javascript errors with relation to it (due in part to security settings I put in place after getting hit with a nasty piece of malware last spring). I don't think it's a major issue. 23skidoo 05:22, 16 November 2005 (UTC)

J.J./J. J.[edit]

Hi Kevin. My rationale behind moving J. J. Abrams was that this is in line with Wikipedia:Naming conventions (people), wherein it states that "For abbreviated names (if these are the most used) every abbreviation is followed by a point, and every point is followed by a single space", and the "J. J." is an abbreviation - certainly the first J stands for Jeffrey, even if the second J is a Michael J. Fox-style J (I don't know myself whether or not the second J stands for anything). However, I'll put a note on Talk:J. J. Abrams and monitor this - if consensus says otherwise, I'll get this moved back. Regards, CLW 08:43, 22 November 2005 (UTC)

Fun with editors[edit]

If you want a chuckle, check out my talk page where a user went completely off the deep end when several editors including Khaosworks and myself disagreed with him on a point of very minor trivia. The guy ultimately got blocked for 24 for things like calling me a Raving Lunatic on his homepage (I seem to have adopted that as a bit of an unofficial nickname). What you may really find enjoyable is his attempt to argue why he is not subject to the Three Revert Rule! (The article that started all this was a Doctor Who-related article, Rose Tyler. Count the reverts from TheDoctor10. Too bad I was actually away from my computer and for some reason couldn't log in from where I was ... I missed all the fun! 23skidoo 04:23, 24 November 2005 (UTC)


It's a bummer the show is ending, although I had a feeling Garner wasn't going to stick around and the show just isn't Alias without her. But I liked some of the things they did so far this year. It hasn't been all over the map like it was last season. Oh well... 23skidoo 23:11, 25 November 2005 (UTC)

I agree that Alias passed its sell-by date awhile back, but they were getting a bit of a second wind with the new Rachel Gibson character and it seemed like the show was ramping up to bring Nadia back too. I agree I hope the Rambaldi arc receives some kind of satisfying resolution before the end but we'll see (I also hope we still get season 5 on DVD to complete the set). I sorta expected this, not just because of Garner's iffy status, but also Abrams being stretched so thin with Lost and Mission Impossible III and I heard he has something else on the go, too. Actually right now I'm more ticked at CBS setting Threshold up to fail. They move it from Friday to Tuesday after taking it off the air for 2 weeks, don't promote the change, and then cancel the thing before it gets a chance to build an audience in the new timeslot. It's Wonderfalls all over again. I tell ya, it's no wonder that except for a couple of Canadian shows and Doctor Who (which seems untouchable right now) I hardly bother to watch any network TV anymore and just stick to DVDs. Actually, mark my words -- there's going to come a time when TV producers will start skipping networks entirely and producing series either direct to DVD or the Internet... 23skidoo 06:09, 26 November 2005 (UTC)

Favor por favor?[edit]

When you have a moment, could you take a look at the page for The Avengers (TV series)? A user is insisting that it needs some sort of dab statement as he thinks there might be confusion with the other Avengers names out there. I disagree as I feel the article title handles the dab and anyone who just types in (or direct wikilinks) the name The Avengers will get the disambiguation page. As you can tell by my talk page I'm already imbroiled in the aftermath of an edit war and I don't really want to run the risk of starting another one over a minor issue. Just thought I'd get your thoughts on this. The user in question has actually started a thread about this at Wikipedia talk:Disambiguation. My concern is it might set a precedent that would require similar notices to be placed on many other articles. Cheers! 23skidoo 20:09, 28 November 2005 (UTC)

Many thanks. I figured as much but I thought a third party would be good to check this out. 23skidoo 23:35, 28 November 2005 (UTC)

Infobox CVG[edit]

Larsinio changed the infobox color (although he left a couple fields the original color). Should it be reverted back? I was going to, but I'm not sure. There should probably be some discussion about it beforehand, right? Although I'm sure you remember a while back there was discussion about the color...Thunderbrand 22:19, 28 November 2005 (UTC)

Right. I'll go and change them. Truthfully, I don't mind the color now either. Thunderbrand 22:29, 28 November 2005 (UTC)

Ken Kutaragi[edit]

Can you unprotect the Ken Kutaragi article? Thanks. --Brazil4Linux 20:44, 3 December 2005 (UTC)


This was news to me, but it's about time. I know part of the appeal of Wikipedia is the "anyone can edit" rule, but I'm sorry -- too many idiots and little kids have spoiled things. And especially with Wikipedia starting to be taken seriously in some quarters, I think it's time only registered editors be allowed to post stuff. My only concern is that new rules will be put in place requiring every since statement to be triple checked with 3 sources, etc. That would also kill Wikipedia dead, since the majority of legit users (myself included) start articles and contribute to them from personal knowledge. Then again I was looking at the "Criticism of Wikipedia" article and it quotes people from Brittanica and other traditional encyclopedias saying they aren't threatened by Wikipedia. Yeah, right. 23skidoo 00:27, 6 December 2005 (UTC)

Inserting images into infobox[edit]

Wiki-thanks.png Cheers. That's great. Thanks for adding that to the article's infobox too. :) Wikiwoohoo 20:14, 6 December 2005 (UTC)

Where did you get this name K1Bond007?[edit]

Where did this name come from?How did you come up with this? preceding unsigned comment by Cody 88 (talk • contribs)

Kevin 1 Bond double-O seven. Theres really nothing to it. I added the 1 because I didn't like the sound of "KBond". K1Bond007 01:39, 7 December 2005 (UTC)

Splinter Cell: Double Agent[edit]

Hey, I got the new Game Informer and on the front it has Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent. I was going to move the Splinter Cell 4 article to the new name, but then realized that it is under an AfD started by you. I just wondered what you think should be done. Thunderbrand 04:23, 8 December 2005 (UTC)

Yeah, the only place at this moment I see the name Double Agent is the magazine, although what I think you are referring to is the Joystiq article? Although that is a few days old. I dunno...maybe wait a few days? But I am sure that will be the official title once Ubisoft makes a press release. Thunderbrand 04:48, 8 December 2005 (UTC)

Image placement vote[edit]

Hello, it's MegamanZero, and I've gotten into a conflict with the Orgy over his needless image placement and excessive quotes on the Iori Yagami page. So, I've decided to hold a vote (like on the Ryu charaacter page) concerning which version should be used. The vote can be found here. Please vote your opinion on the matter and thanks for your time! -MegamanZero 18:04, 13 December 2005 (UTC)


Yeah, I've been thinking of running for a while. I've been contributing more than I have in the past, so I think I'd do a pretty good job. Thanks for the offer! Jacoplane 16:27, 18 December 2005 (UTC)

Someone just nominated me! I'm not soliciting votes, feel free to oppose :) Jacoplane 20:33, 18 December 2005 (UTC)


Hi, all admins are already registered to use the AWB. thanks Martin 23:57, 18 December 2005 (UTC)

I havent added the ability to tick the minor edit box yet. Martin 00:04, 19 December 2005 (UTC)

Wikilinking gone mad[edit]

Have you seen the dozens of changes SuperMario has made? He's systematically going through articles and wikilinking the words "actor" and "actress" -- words that don't need to be wikilinked. It'd take me hours to undo them all, so I'm having to settle for rolling back the articles that turn up on my watchlist. 23skidoo 05:05, 19 December 2005 (UTC)

Whoa. Turns out SuperMario was a wee bit touchy about it. I did in fact leave him a note and his reply was to blank his userpage and announce that he'll never edit Wikipedia again! That was a bit defensive on his part -- then again maybe he saw a whole whack of rollbacks and reverts. I only had two articles on my watchlist that he changed as it turned out. 23skidoo 15:52, 19 December 2005 (UTC)
Yeah, maybe the fellow was looking for an excuse. He'd only been an editor since September. I left a message on his talk page saying he shouldn't pack it in because one editor disagrees with him -- that's part of what Wikipedia is. You and I have disagreed on things but I'm still messing around in stuff! 23skidoo 18:52, 19 December 2005 (UTC)

Happy Holidays![edit]

I'm just about to head off on Christmas holidays for the next week or so, which means I'll be offline and probably suffering withdrawal! ;-) I hope you have a great Christmas and I look forward to more Wikying in 2006! Cheers! 23skidoo 04:54, 21 December 2005 (UTC)

Just linking it to macleans you know.[edit]

Respect the freedom of expression, we are talking about important information there. Stop removing my data. the preceding unsigned comment is by (talk • contribs)

More than one site back up my data. I am a victim of an abuser that was also a star trek fans. Are you of them? Let it go. the preceding unsigned comment is by (talk • contribs)

Read the article. There is no scientific reasearch or whatever that shows child abuse is an effect of Star Trek or whatever you're trying to prove. Correlation does not equal causation. K1Bond007 03:46, 22 December 2005 (UTC)

Top headlines[edit]

Top headlines from macleans. Common man, it's not nothing. I consider them valid and good sources. Plus you're the one that reverted back my data 3 times.

Engine trivia sources[edit]

Nice work on the Bond games, I added the information on the engines. the preceding unsigned comment is by User:Lgascoig (talk • contribs)

re: CFD[edit]

Hi - I didn't close the one with one vote since it hardly seems like a consensus. I noticed you relisted one from Dec 13 - which seems like a good idea. I don't recollect seeing relistings before on CFD (I gather it's at least more common than completely unknown on AFD - which I don't frequent). In any event, relisting to get a better take on the consensus seems reasonable. BTW - I've been effecting moves by creating the target category, making the "move from" cat a categoryredirect, waiting a while, and then deleting (if necessary) the original cat. user:AllyUnion runs a bot looking for redirected categories which recats any entries. This seems to be a pretty painless way to do category renames. I've suggested there be a similar techique for deleting cats, but he's resisted a bit (he'd like there to be a community consensus behind this). user:Beland's Pearle and user:Who's Whobot (which is derived from Pearle) can both delete cats, but they take manual setup. -- Rick Block (talk) 03:13, 24 December 2005 (UTC)

FYI - The CFD speedy rule is list, wait for 48 hours, and if no one objects, then do it. The waiting period is intended to address the vandal issue. Category moves initiated by a vandal shouldn't be too hard to cope with (although I can think of things that would be hard to undo). Having an admin controlled bot for such things is probably not a bad idea. Perhaps one way to do this would be to have a bot act on redirects (or deletes) only if the page is protected. Another way would be to have Pearle (or Whobot) running pretty much all the time polling a task queue kept on a protected page. Either of these would be fine with me, but for CFD updating I think we should have something like this. It seems relatively insane for any of the CFD cleanup to be done manually. -- Rick Block (talk) 04:13, 24 December 2005 (UTC)
I'll ask Beland about this (protected tasklist for continuously running Pearle). Who isn't around at the moment - before he started doing these with Whobot he was doing them manually (I shit you not! - no AWB, no nothing). I'm pretty sure Pearle (and Whobot fot that matter) run on their owners' PCs. AllyUnion's bots seem to run closer to the DB (don't know, but he may be a developer - his bots run periodically on some server somewhere - I suppose it could be his PC, but I kind of doubt it). I might like the capabilities of AWB but there's no way I'm going to run it (I primarily use a Mac). -- Rick Block (talk) 04:49, 24 December 2005 (UTC)
Any reason you haven't change your sig to include a direct link to your talk page? Not a big deal, but since you're an admin and all you might want to use a slightly fancier sig than the default. -- Rick Block (talk) 05:37, 24 December 2005 (UTC)


The result for this nomination was 3 Keep, 4 Delete. That seems to me like no consensus, however the nomination has been closed as delete. --Vizcarra 19:52, 27 December 2005 (UTC)

I see, however the other subcategories of Category:Spanish Mexicans survived an CfD brought up with the same arguments, defended by the same arguments and voted with a similar ratio. However Spanish Mexicans with origin in Andalusian and Aragonian lands will not have a representation in Category:Spanish Mexicans, but Spanish Mexicans of the other regions will. --Vizcarra 20:15, 27 December 2005 (UTC)
About Luis Miguel, his father was not a "Gallego" (Galician... from Galicia), his last name was "Gallego". He was born in Cádiz, Andalusia [1]. But still, how can two similar situations can have diametrically opposed outcomes. The problem is that some subcategories "made it" while others didn't. --Vizcarra 20:46, 27 December 2005 (UTC)
I know, I know. But I guess one can expect either all branches from a tree to be pruned and not just those from one side. It shouldn't depend on the gardener. Oh well. --Vizcarra 20:58, 27 December 2005 (UTC)

Addition to the John J. Raskob entry[edit]

I have to challenge your addition to the entry for Raskob where you state "After his disillusionment with Prohibition..." Raskob was not at any point a supporter of Prohibition and did not undergo any change of heart. As early as 1919, when Delaware began enforcing its own state-level Prohibition, Raskob had written his lawyer Ed Hilles, discussing ways in which he might be able to circumvent the law. He frequently chided his friends who made public comments in favor of Prohibition, visited Cuba and Palm Beach where Prohibition either did not runor was not enforced, and kept ample stocks of liquor for his own use. It would be fairer to say that his opposition to Prohibition hardened over the years and he became increasingly active in repeal organizations.

That wasn't me. That was this guy David Justin, back in October. K1Bond007 20:52, 27 December 2005 (UTC)

cfd consensus[edit]

Hi - Just FYI, I don't think it's written as policy anywhere but I'm pretty sure Who has been using a 66% ratio for CFD consensus (can't find the reference off-hand where he said that). -- Rick Block (talk) 23:51, 27 December 2005 (UTC)

This really was just FYI - I meant no criticism. Seems you might have taken it that way - sorry. -- Rick Block (talk) 00:57, 28 December 2005 (UTC)
No problem, and no need for you to apologize. I understood immediately from your note what was going on and, again, apologize for not being more clear. Closing any of the *FDs is generally a thankless task that generates nothing but criticism. I think you've been doing a great job at it and am in no way questioning any of your calls. -- Rick Block (talk) 03:21, 28 December 2005 (UTC)

football categories[edit]

A few days ago, you ruled on changing a lot of subcategories of Category:College football teams. It's been a couple of days since they were repaired, and three quite significant ones seem to have disappeared. Can you locate these?

Again, if this is in process, I apologize for jumping the gun. Thanks! --Mike Selinker 03:24, 29 December 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for the speedy fix. I found (or didn't find) one more missing category:

Wait, never mind, I found it. Thanks again!--Mike Selinker 05:10, 29 December 2005 (UTC)

logo usage[edit]

Yes they do encourge it, however it is our guidelines that say that it can't be used as it was being used unless they're willing to release it under a free license or are willing to release it into the public domain (neither of which they'll probably do) and we can only use it as a fairuse image in articles and even then only in certain articles that directly relate to Firefox. JtkieferT | C | @ ---- 18:44, 29 December 2005 (UTC)

OHMSS inflated gross[edit]

1. box office mojo never has right grosses it's a hack site.

2. The 2006 ticket price estimated value is $6.65 per ticket per Forbes and Lee's Movie Info, and current estimate by Exhibitor relations itself.

OHMSS had 62.4 million ticket sales, you multiply that by $6.65 (don't BS about that isn't accurate because that is HOW the standard is set and that IS how Exhibitor Relations and box office mojo and everyone else figures inflation).

But you have to actually have the correct ticket price ($6.65) AND the correct worldwide admissions (62.4 million).

To figure inflation for 2006 for all the Bond films simply take their worldwide admissions and times them by $6.65.

Don't get an attitude with people that have valuable things to add here and KNOW what they are talking about then come back with "box office mojo says."

I used to work for Exhibitor relations I know this stuff right and left believe me.

To have the inflated info 2006 for all the Bond films simply do as i said that is THE MOST accurate numbers you will get.

Feel free to add the info. Lazy boy fan


It just seemed like another person on a net forum with a fascist attitude, I apologize. Lazy boy fan

Happy birthday![edit]

I remember from your page that your birthday is today, so have this cake! Thunderbrand 05:30, 30 December 2005 (UTC)
Birthday candles.jpg
Your welcome. I haven't really thought about reading the Bond books yet though. Maybe one of these days! Thunderbrand 05:53, 30 December 2005 (UTC)

draft cfd cleanup proposal[edit]

Hi - I wrote a draft proposal for an automated cfd cleanup process, see Wikipedia:Categories for deletion/cleanup. Before making this too public I'm inviting comments from a few selected stakeholders. Please comment. -- Rick Block (talk) 17:14, 1 January 2006 (UTC)

Xbox 360 revision[edit]

I see you changed the total number of dot products that the GPU in the Xbox 360 can do back to 9.6 billion from the 24 billion it was at. This is incorrect. The Xbox 360 can do a total of 33.6 billion dot products a second. The Xenon (CPU) can do 9.6 billion leaving 24 billion dot products per second for the Xenos (GPU). Just thought you should know. :)

Screenshot prohibited[edit]

User:Nv8200p is blanking and removing all screenshots from videogames articles, Playstation 2 and Xbox articles was victtims. The argument is screenshot is not compilant with fair use.


I ask your help in Neowin article, User:Doom127 is blanking and reverting the article to a out-to-date poorly edited version and I trying to keep Hinotori version Doom127 disprespects and only revert and reverts to reach a edit war. Thanks in advance. --Microsoft Fanboy 11:17, 3 January 2006 (UTC)

re: CFD[edit]

Yeah, I noticed that too. Martin has also been helping lately, but I suspect a general appeal for assistance is warranted. I have some pretty intense real-world pressures coming up in the next few weeks so it's not a good time for me. I may be able to keep up with the speedies but I don't really think I can promise even that much. -- Rick Block (talk) 14:18, 3 January 2006 (UTC)

Regarding "Microsoft" FanBoy"[edit]

You do realize that the guy is another Sockpuppet of Brazil4Linux, right? And that he's trying to "play" you, in order to gain support? Daniel Davis 18:24, 3 January 2006 (UTC) (Doom127)


User:Doom127 is blanking that Wikinews link that you just restored. --Microsoft Fanboy 18:51, 3 January 2006 (UTC)


I see you are trying to mediate in the Xbox article. If you need more action, can you drop by PSP (the redirection)? Several users don't agree whether PSP should redirect to PlayStation Portable or PSP (disambiguation). -- ReyBrujo 19:09, 3 January 2006 (UTC)


Would you be willing to support my nominee for WP:COTW. The article is Invasion which is an important term for military knowledge. The current article however isn't at the same standard as the term is in modern and historic warfare though. If you'll be willing to support, I'll be grateful. Thanks RENTASTRAWBERRY FOR LET? röck 00:41, 5 January 2006 (UTC)

What is trivia?[edit]

Kevin (K1Bond007), I sincerely empathize with your desire to keep trivia out of the introductory paragraph of this and other articles. But of course, first we must try to determine what is trivia.

To my way of thinking, the first thing we should do with an article's introduction is to say, in shortest terms, who the person is or what the thing is; your edit improved the article in this regard. And then, I believe, we should point out what sets the person or thing aside from the rest (if there is anything) and makes him or her or it worthy of inclusion in an encyclopedia. Senator Obama offers many such possibilities. But when history is written, what will be remembered of him? Actually, of course, we can't know. I personally think he has a better chance than anyone ever has of being the first US President of African ancestry. But what if (God forbid), he simply passed away tonight of natural causes? What would be remembered in the history books fifty years from now ?

I think his keynote was the best I've heard in my life (and I say this, despite the fact that I disagreed with about 60-70% of what he had to say); it was remarkable. And it made him a national star. But I'm a bit older than you, and I can tell you that quite a few stars have come onto the national stage through the invitation to deliver the keynote (Barbara Jordan is the first that comes to mind, but there have been others.) So that's not really what makes him unique.

I think that what is most singular about Senator Obama is that he is the first successful male candidate that the Democratic Party (the party that has since 1932 won the vast majority of African-American votes) has fielded for the office of US Senate. That is, simply put, a "first". I don't think it's trivia (despite the fact that it will be included in some future edition of Trivial Pursuit), it's history.

Unschool 05:54, 6 January 2006 (UTC)

(Fellow ISU alumnus)

I also posted this on the talk page; I'm never sure who actually monitors those, so if I want to make sure you get my message, I'll place it in both places. Unschool 05:57, 6 January 2006 (UTC)

New category & tag[edit]

Well, now that I've upgraded NekoDaemon, is there a suggested template that you wish to create? Maybe something like, {{ctma}} with a category of Category:Categories to be moved automagically (or Category:Categories to be moved automatically); Let me know something you prefer, then I'll go set up the bot to do so. --AllyUnion (talk) 07:13, 7 January 2006 (UTC)

I'm famous![edit]

If you want a chuckle, hop over to my talk page and check out a reference to me that appeared in a Syracuse newspaper! I don't even remember reverting the vandalism on the Syracuse article, but hey ... 23skidoo 00:36, 9 January 2006 (UTC)



I can tell that you have complete control over the bond page and wont allow anyone to add. Although the opening musical artists have contributed over the years, and some of the songs have been part of pop culture, due to the fact that many of them are very famous artists, they are part of the Bond legacy. This goes along with the theme of this articles "official" section (i.e. the opening gun barrel scene, opening sequence, and the opening gambit). Wikipedia is supposidly an ever expanding, users adding, and perpetually driven web page. Since you want complete control over the article, and want no changes made by anyone else, be my guest. It's was just believed that Bond fans may want to know some of the famous musical artists that have contributed to the opening music score through the years.

????The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) .

Read your user page. I replied to you about this a long time ago. See James Bond music. Already covered. Also if you took the time to read the section titled Music on the James Bond page, then you would see this is covered there in an overview as well. I'm not "dominting" the article or whatever. K1Bond007 04:53, 11 January 2006 (UTC)

GoldenEye revert[edit]

You recently removed the following text from the GoldenEye article:

The film makes a reference to the deaths of Bond parents in a mountain climbing accident, which was stated in Bond's obituary in the You Only Live Twice novel.

with the message:

"rv - it does? I think this should be more specific. Might be too trivial to mention anyway."

Yeah, it probably is too trivial for the article, but I thought you might want to know that yes, the film does mention it: when Alec and James are reunited, he says something like "While your parents had the luxury of dying in a climbing accident, mine had to face Stalin's execution squads."

So, um, yeah, that's where it's in the film. :) --Nick RTalk 19:16, 11 January 2006 (UTC)