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ABOUT ME[edit]


I'm Jerry.

I would like to make this page really fancy, but I have a life.

If you have something to say, please put it on my talk page.

Also, if someone is kind enough to write me a note on my talk page (or accidentally on this page here) I would respectfully request that you leave the page as is.

NEW NAME[edit]

After months of hardheadedness, I have finally resolved to change my user name. My former username was





TO DO LIST[edit]



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And the winners are...

  1. Create a user account (how and why)
  2. Please sign your name on talk pages
  3. How to start a new article
  4. How to make links to articles
  5. How to insert a picture into an article
  6. A better wiki editor: WikEd
  7. Check your work before you save, using Preview
  8. Automatic edit summary reminder
  9. How to move/rename a page
  10. Redirects

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