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Wissen ist Macht. Wir wissen nichts. Macht nichts.

Kurt Forstner lives in Vienna, Austria. He is mainly interested in the humanities and has been contributing to Wikipedia since the summer of 2002.

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Some of the texts he has started

As a non-free image depicting food for thought was removed by Gnome bot, all you can see here now is—food.
Carl Spitzweg 021.jpg

The open window

Keinergasse 24, Vienna, winter.jpg
The Winter of Our Discontent or, Rear Window Revisited
Spring (1).jpg
The Darling Buds of May, en bloc and en détail

Some of the photos he has taken

NF Brookes in his bookshop, August 1999

Quite a number of his photos have been replaced by well-meaning Wikipedians with, as they see it, more appropriate images.

Spring in the city.JPG
Spring in the city

"What is this real life that you speak of, and where can I download it?"