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I am a Disciples of Christ pastor, currently serving a United Methodist Church in Nebraska. I just finished a Master of Theology degree at Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University, in Fort Worth, Texas.


John Neihardt[edit]

I'm particularly proud of this one. It was an article which was badly misinformed and poorly written, and I think I basically rescued it and turned it into a real article. My major professor in college had been a student of Neihardt, and you could tell from the way my professor spoke how profoundly that had shaped him. My wife worked briefly in Bancroft, NE, and there were people who still remembered Neihardt's oddities. It was nice to include some half-references to both these personal sources.


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The current article (as of March, 2006) is basically a translation from the Spanish 'Pedia. I didn't do the translation work, but I did spend some time putting in the reference material and significantly shifting the article to NPOV. I had worked on a class presentation of the archaeology just a year ago. Thanks, Jmabel, for the compliment.

Kakum National Park[edit]

I have visited this lovely place in Ghana twice, so I thought the original article was pretty skimpy. However, I found the German article was far better, so I translated it, a nice exercise for my shaky German skills.

Habo Church[edit]

Likewise, I have been in Habo Kyrkan in Sweden; in fact I attended a folkhõgskola about ten miles away for a semester. This time, there was no article at all in the English, but the Swedish version was enough to get it started. I'm better at Swedish than German, and have known the language much longer, so it was a fun task to translate.