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I am KOJV. My real name is Tobbe and I live in Sweden.

Some people ask, what does KOJV stand for?

KOJV is the Kommission für Ostjüdische Volkskunde or the Commission for Eastern-Jewish Folklore Studies and is a part of the German Folklore Society, Hamburg. Thanks to Dr. Claus Stephani. Dutch youngsters use the short kojv in the meaning "Kus Op Je Voorhoofd" that means "kiss on the head" i.e. a friendly peck on the cheek. Thanks to Roy Michiels. Though, I made up the spell-out Knock-Out Justification in Vain and I think it's pretty neith because I regurarly come up with knock-out arguments in various discussions just to find that nobody cares.

In reality, there is no notability.