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Aboulia Absence seizure

Acetylsalicylic acid Acoustic neuroma Activities of daily living

Adenoma Adrenal gland Adrenergic Adrenergic receptor Adrenocorticotropic hormone Adrenoleukodystrophy Adverse event Affect Affective spectrum Afferent signal


Ageusia Agitation (emotion) Agnosia

Agraphia AIDS

Ankle jerk reflex Annoyance

Anosmia Anthroposemiotics Anticholinergic Antidepressant Antidepressants Anti-social Anxiety Anxiety disorder Anxiolytic Aphasia Aphasiology Aphrodisiac Apperception Appetite Appetite suppressant Applied psychology Arachnoid (brain) Archetypes Archipallium A/S ratio Aspirin

Associative Agnosia ATPase Atropine Attention Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Attitude (psychology) Auditory Auditory system Autism Autonomic nervous system Avian pallium Awareness Axon Balint's syndrome Barbiturate Basal ganglia Behavior analysis Behavioral ecology Behavioral economics Behavioral finance Behaviorism Behavioural psychology Behavioural sciences Belief Benzedrine Benzodiazepine Benzphetamine Binge-eating Bioacoustics Bioelectricity Biological membrane Biological neural network Biological psychology Biopsychology Bipolar disorder BK channel Blood-brain barrier Body image Body language Botulin toxin Bounded rationality

Brain-computer interface Brain damage Brain imaging Brain implant Brain pacemaker Bruxism Bulimia Bulimia nervosa Caffeine Cannabis (drug) Cannaboids Capgras delusion Captology Cathinone Caudate nucleus Cell potential Central nervous system Cerebellum Cerebral cortex Cerebral hemisphere Cerebrospinal fluid Cerebrovascular accident Cerebrum Chemical dependency Child development Chinese Room argument Choline Choline acetyltransferase Cholinergic Cholinesterase Cholinesterase inhibitor Chunking (psychology) Cingulate cortex Classical conditioning Clinical anxiety Clinical depression Clinical neuropsychology Clinical psychology Coca Cocaine Cocktail party effect

Cognitive bias Cognitive dissonance Cognitive linguistics Cognitive map Cognitive neuropsychology Cognitive neuroscience Cognitive ontology Cognitive process Cognitive psychology Cognitive science Cognitive Semantics Cognitive space Cognitive therapy Cognitive tutor Cognitivism (psychology) Collective unconscious Color agnosia Colorless green ideas sleep furiously Coma Commensalism Communication Community psychology

Compulsion Computational Computer addiction Concepts Conditioning Conformity (psychology)

Consciousness Context Cooperation Corpus callosum Creativity Critical psychology Curare Data compression Decision Decision making Delirium tremens Delusion Delusional parasitosis Dementia Dendrite Depolarization Depressant Depression (mood) Detoxification Developmental psychology Dexamphetamine Dexedrine Dextroamphetamine Diazepam Diencephalon Direct realism Discourse analysis Discursive psychology Disinhibition Disorder Disorientation Distorted body image Distributed cognition Disulfiram Dog intelligence Dolphin intelligence Donepezil Dopamine Dopamine hypothesis of psychosis Doubt Down syndrome Downregulation Dreaming Drug Drug addiction Drunkenness Dura mater Dynamic cognition Eating disorder Eating disorders Ecological psychology Ecstasy Ecstasy (drug) Education Educational psychology Effexor Ego, superego, and id Electroencephalography Electrophysiology Embodied cognition Emergence Emergent materialism Emotion Emotional clearing Empathy Encephalization Endorphin Engram EOSFET Ephedrine Epilepsy Epileptic seizure Epinephrine Epiphenomenalism Epiphenomenon Epistemology Epithalamus Ethanol Ethology Etiology Euphoria Eusociality Evolution Evolutionary psychology Excitotoxicity Executive function Expected value Experience Experimental analysis of behavior Experimental psychology Expressive aphasia Extravert Face perception Facial expression Facial nerve Familial Alzheimer disease Fatigue Fear Fear conditioning Fenfluramine Fen-phen Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder Fetishism Fight-or-flight response fitness (biology) fMRI Folk psychology Forebrain Forensic psychology Forms of activity and interpersonal relations Fragile X syndrome Frontal lobe Functional magnetic resonance imaging Functional neuroimaging Functional Selectivity Functionalism (philosophy of mind) Functionalism (sociology) G-protein-coupled receptor Galantamine Gamma-aminobutyric acid Gender role Gerstmann's syndrome Gestalt effect Gestalt psychology Glia Global Assessment of Functioning Glutamate Glutamic acid Goal Goldman equation Grand mal seizure Great ape language Grey matter Group dynamics Group selection Gustatory system Habituation Hallucinations Hangover Headache Health psychology Hebbian learning Hemispherectomy Heroin Heuristic Higher order desire Hindbrain Hippocampus Homunculus Hormone Hormones Hrair limit HT-0712 Human agency Human brain Human computer interaction Human development Humanistic psychology Huntington's disease Hyperpolarization Hyperreflexia Hypersexuality Hypnotherapy Hypnotism Hypothalamus Ignorance Imidazopyridine Individual differences psychology Individuation Information foraging Information processing Information theory Inhibition Insight Insomnia Insula Intelligence Intelligence (trait) Intelligence in animals Intention Intoxication Introvert Intuition Ion channel I/V curve Kava-kava Khat Kin selection Knowledge Knowledge management Knowledge representation Koko L-DOPA Language Language acquisition Language and thought Language of thought Laws of thought Learning Learning styles Lesion Libido Ligand-gated ion channel Limbic system Linguistics List of psychological topics List of psychologists List of publications in psychology List of regions in the human brain Lobotomy Locus ceruleus Long term memory Lucid dreaming Major depressive disorder Manic Manic depression Mary's room Maskun Medical psychology Medulla oblongata Memantine Membrane potential Memes Memory Memory-prediction framework Meninges Meningitis Mental event Mental functions Mental illness Mental images Mental models Mental property Mental substance Mesencephalon Mesolimbic pathway Metabotropic receptor Metacognition Methadone Methamphetamine Methcathinone Methylphenidate Metrazol Microtubule Midbrain Midbrain tegmentum

Mind-body problem Mini mental state examination Mirror test Model organism Modularity (programming) Modularity of mind Monoamine oxidase inhibitor Monoamine transporter Mood disorder Motivation Motor learning Motor system Muscarine Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor Muscle dysmorphia Mushroom bodies Myasthenia gravis Mydriasis Myelin Naïve realism NaKATPase Naltrexone Narcolepsy Natural selection Neocortex Neopallium Nerve Nerve agent Nerve fiber Nervous system Neural tube Neurobiology Neurochemistry Neurochip Neurocognitive Neurocognitive deficit Neurodegenerative disease Neuroeconomics Neurogenesis Neuroglia Neuro-linguistic programming Neurology Neuromuscular junction Neuron Neurons Neuropathy Neurophilosophy Neuropsychology Neuroscience Neurosis Neurotic Neurotransmitter Nicotine Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor Nim Chimpsky NMDA receptor Node of Ranvier Norepinephrine Normal (behavior) Nucleus (neuroanatomy) Nystagmus Obesity Object relations theory Observer effect Obsessive-compulsive Obsessive-compulsive disorder Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder Occam's razor Occipital lobe Olfaction Olfactory bulb Operant conditioning Opiate replacement therapy Opioid Orthorexia nervosa Overeating Pain Paleopallium Paramethoxyamphetamine Parasympathetic nervous system Parietal lobe Parkinson's disease Paxil Perception Performance psychology Peripheral nervous system Persistent vegetative state Personal Identity Personality Personality psychology Persuasion Pharmacist Pharmacology Phendimetrazine Phenethylamine Phenomenology Phentermine Phenylpropanolamine Pheremone Philippine Psychology Philosophy of action

Philosophy of perception Philosophy of psychology Phobia Phobias Phosphorylation Physiological psychology Physiological tolerance Pia mater Pineal gland Piriform cortex Pituitary gland Pleasure Political psychology Pons Pornography addiction Positive psychology Post-traumatic stress disorder Practical reason Pre- and perinatal psychology Problem solving Procedural knowledge Proprioception Prosencephalon Prosopagnosia Psychiatry Psychodynamic psychotherapy Psychohistory Psycholinguistics Psychological addictions Psychological egoism Psychological testing Psychological trauma

Psychology of religion Psychometric Psychometrics Psychonomics Psychopathology Psychopathy Psychopharmacology Psychophysics Psychophysiology Psychosis Psychotropic Psychotropic drug Purging Qualia Quantitative psychological research Rapid eye movement Rat Park Rationalism Rationality Reason Reasoning Receptor (biochemistry) Receptor antagonist Reciprocal altruism Reference Refractory period Reinforcement Reinforcement learning Relapse Repolarization Reuptake Reversal potential Rimonabant Schizophrenia School psychologist Schwann cells Sciatic nerve Scopolamine Second messenger Seizures Self (psychology) Self-concept Self-harm Self-organization Self-organizing map Self-realization Selfish gene Semantic Senile plaques Sensation Sense Senses Sensory system Serotonin Sexual addiction Sexual selection Sexuality Short term memory Sibutramine Simulated consciousness Situated cognition Skinner box Sleep deprivation Social action Social cognition Social influence Social psychology Sociobiology Socionics Somatic nervous system Somatosensory system Somatostatin Space-time theories of consciousness Spandrel Spatial memory Spinal cord Stereotype Stimulant Striatum Structuralism Subjective character of experience Substantia nigra Suicide Supervenience Symbol Sympathetic nervous system Synapse Synapses Synaptic vesicle Systemic psychology Tacrine Taste Tay-Sachs disease Tectum Telencephalon Temporal lobe Thalamus Theoretical psychology Theory of cognitive development Theory of mind Thiamin Thought Thought disorder Thought experiment Tic Tourette syndrome Traffic psychology Transmembrane potential Transmembrane protein Transmembrane receptor Traumatic brain injury Trigeminal nerve Try Tryptophan Turing machine Unconscious mind Unconsciousness Ventral tegmental area Ventricle Vision Visual Visual system Voltage-gated ion channel Washoe (chimpanzee) Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome White matter Withdrawal Word Workaholic Working memory Zolpidem

Buddhist philosophy Tanha

Modeling Concepts ACT ACT-R Artificial consciousness Artificial intelligence Artificial neural network Artificial neuron Cognitive architecture Cognitive model Complex system Computer science Copycat (software) Cybernetics Economics Expert system Feedforward neural networks Game theory Neural network Perceptron Price equation Prisoner's dilemma Recurrent neural networks

Sociology Subsumption architecture Systems theory

Normative Concepts

Animal welfare Counselling Counselling psychology Ergonomics Group therapy Industrial and organisational psychology Neuroethics Nonhuman animals ethics Psychotherapy Rehabilitation Self-help

Junk Concepts Eliminative materialism Mental (Sri Aurobindo) Phrenology Popular psychology Psychoanalysis Quantum mind Radical behaviorism Transpersonal psychology

Books As We May Think Consciousness Explained Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders How the Mind Works How the Self Controls Its Brain Society of Mind The Concept of Mind The Mind of an Ape

Journals Journal of Consciousness Studies

Societies American Psychiatric Association American Psychological Association American Psychological Society

Historical People Karl Abraham Alfred Adler Edgar Douglas Adrian Alois Alzheimer Aristotle George Berkeley Paul Broca Korbinian Brodmann Arvid Carlsson Henry Hallett Dale Charles Darwin Rene Descartes Emil du Bois-Reymond Hermann Ebbinghaus Jean Pierre Flourens Sigmund Freud Galen Franz Joseph Gall Luigi Galvani Camillo Golgi Hippocrates Thomas Hobbes Clark L. Hull David Hume Thomas Henry Huxley Carl Jung Immanuel Kant Wolfgang Köhler Emil Kraepelin John Locke Otto Loewi Konrad Lorenz James Mill C. Lloyd Morgan Ivan Pavlov Plato Santiago Ramon y Cajal George Romanes T. Schjelderup-Ebbe Charles Scott Sherrington B.F. Skinner Edward B. Titchener Edward C. Tolman Vesalius Lev Vygotsky John B. Watson Karl Wernicke Thomas Willis Ludwig Wittgenstein Wilhelm Wundt

Contemporary People Elizabeth Anscombe D. M. Armstrong William Bechtel Ned Block Jerome Bruner David Chalmers Roderick Chisholm Noam Chomsky Patricia Churchland Paul Churchland Andy Clark Francis Crick Donald Davidson Richard Dawkins Dan Dennett John Carew Eccles Gerald Edelman Gareth Evans Owen Flanagan Jerry Fodor Karl von Frisch Tim van Gelder Alvin Goldman Jane Goodall Temple Grandin Donald Griffin Stuart Hampshire Gilbert Harman Friedrich Hayek Donald Olding Hebb Richard Herrnstein Alan Lloyd Hodgkin Jennifer Hornsby Andrew Huxley Frank Cameron Jackson John Hughlings Jackson William James Eric R. Kandel Karl Lashley Keith Lehrer Alexei Nikolaevich Leontyev David Lewis (philosopher) John C. Lilly Alexander Luria Norman Malcolm Merab Mamardashvili James McClelland Warren Sturgis McCulloch John McDowell Colin McGinn Thomas Metzinger Marvin Minsky Robert L. Moore Thomas Nagel Bonnie Nardi Allen Newell Seymour Papert Francine Patterson Christopher Peacocke Irene Pepperberg Steven Phillipson Jean Piaget Steven Pinker Walter Pitts George R. Price Hilary Putnam Anthony Quinton Georges Rey Richard Rorty Frank Rosenblatt Gilbert Ryle John Searle Wilfrid Sellars Herbert Simon J. J. C. Smart Thomas Szasz Edward Thorndike Nikolaas Tinbergen John Wisdom Amotz Zahavi