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I am probably not going to contribute to WP anymore. My talk page explains why. KTrimble (talk) 22:23, 23 November 2011 (UTC)

My Background[edit]

Wikipedia Experience[edit]

I am a recently registered user.

I intend to try making major rewrites to sections in appraisal and valuation and some edits to some of the aviation articles and to articles involving southwest Missouri, but I need input from others. Please feel free to add comments to my talk page. I have ideas on some major changes, but I do not know what viewpoint the user community has about the subject.

This user doesn't know what the hell s/he's doing.

If I make an edit that offends or is not done right, please feel free to undo or send me an e-mail at or add comments to my talk page.

To see what I am working on, go to User:KTrimble/Sandbox.

I will be adding more as I learn and as I have time.

My Appraisal Background[edit]

BransonLogobyKTforUserBox1.JPGThis user is a resident of Branson, Missouri, and he is not particularly proud of it.

I am an appraiser in Branson, Missouri USA.

I have extensive training and twenty years experience in real estate appraisal, mostly from AI, Lowman, NAIFA, etc. I also have training in appraising machinery and technical specialties from the ASA.

MAI des Modified 2MAI-AI UserBoxOnly.JPGThis user is an MAI Designated member of the Appraisal Institute

I am an MAI designated member of the Appraisal Institute (president of the Ozark Mountain Chapter) and a member of the American Society of Appraisers (seeking an ASA in MTS and Real Property Urban).

I am a certified general real estate appraiser in Missouri and Arkansas and have been certified in Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Tennessee (for specific assignments, some were temporary permits)

I have extensive experience in appraising commercial property, primarily for litigation or financing, mostly in southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas.

I am also a licensed real estate broker in Missouri. I am also seeking a CCIM designation.

My Aviation Background[edit]

I am a private pilot, multi-engine rated. (I also appraise aircraft.)

I have been flying since I was a teenager. However, I have very poor eyesight that has always prevented me from getting more than a 3rd class medical, so I never pursued a flying career.

I learned to fly on my own, not in the military, so I had to privately pay for all of my time. So I have only 1,400 hours, not the thousands of hours that professional pilots and military pilots can boast of. However, I have experience in a wide range of smaller aircraft, mostly antiques.