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"Kafka the rightly named. Hahaha ! See the smoke and you'll find fire."[1]

Please visit my Commons account for images I've uploaded.
This one is married to the love of her life. No joke.

Articles I've begun or substantially expanded include:

Holy Kinship - My first, and the subject that brought me to Wikipedia.
Albrecht Glockendon
Georg Glockendon
Gevher Nesibe
Haimo of Auxerre
Kubadabad Palace
Nikolaus Glockendon
Sivas massacre
An cat.
Valley View Ferry Updated DYK query.svgDYK
Winchester Bible Updated DYK query.svgDYK
José de Sigüenza
Jeffrey F. Hamburger
Symmachi-Nicomachi diptych Updated DYK query.svgDYK
Giovio Series Updated DYK query.svgDYK
Isaac Bullard
Nathaniel Holmes (stonecarver)
The Likeness
Stoclet Frieze
Louise O'Neill
Black Hours (Morgan Library) - With Ceoil Updated DYK query.svgDYK

Some of these are stubs, or are shorter than I would like. I hope to correct this at some point.

Other articles to which I've made substantial contributions:

Book of Kells Cscr-featured.svg (FAR)
The Garden of Earthly Delights Cscr-featured.svg
Caspar David Friedrich Cscr-featured.svg
The Lucy poems Cscr-featured.svg
Early Netherlandish painting Cscr-featured.svg
Crucifixion and Last Judgement diptych Cscr-featured.svg
Preparing for a Fancy Dress Ball Cscr-featured.svg - Iridescent's baby, but I love it.
Crucifix (Cimabue, Santa Croce)
Female Figure (Giambologna) Updated DYK query.svgDYK - with Ceoil

When you see it...


  1. ^ User:Geir Smith, in a now-deleted post to an off-wiki forum.

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Y'know, I read a lot. Especially about things about history. I find that shit fascinating.
All these hunters who are shrieking now, do they speak for us? - Leonard Cohen
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