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"Kafka the rightly named. Hahaha ! See the smoke and you'll find fire."[1]

Please visit my Commons account for images I've uploaded.
This one is married to the love of her life. No joke.

Articles I've begun or substantially expanded include:

Holy Kinship - My first, and the subject that brought me to Wikipedia.
Albrecht Glockendon
Georg Glockendon
Gevher Nesibe
Haimo of Auxerre
Kubadabad Palace
Nikolaus Glockendon
Sivas massacre
Two women at a window by bartolome esteban murillo.jpg
Valley View Ferry Updated DYK query.svgDYK
Winchester Bible Updated DYK query.svgDYK
José de Sigüenza
Jeffrey F. Hamburger
Symmachi-Nicomachi diptych Updated DYK query.svgDYK
Giovio Series Updated DYK query.svgDYK
Isaac Bullard
Nathaniel Holmes (stonecarver)
The Likeness
Stoclet Frieze
Louise O'Neill
Black Hours (Morgan Library) - With Ceoil Updated DYK query.svgDYK

Some of these are stubs, or are shorter than I would like. I hope to correct this at some point.

Other articles to which I've made substantial contributions:

Book of Kells Cscr-featured.svg (FAR)
The Garden of Earthly Delights Cscr-featured.svg
Caspar David Friedrich Cscr-featured.svg
The Lucy poems Cscr-featured.svg
Early Netherlandish painting Cscr-featured.svg
Crucifixion and Last Judgement diptych Cscr-featured.svg
Preparing for a Fancy Dress Ball Cscr-featured.svg - Iridescent's baby, but I love it.
Crucifix (Cimabue, Santa Croce)
Female Figure (Giambologna) Updated DYK query.svgDYK - with Ceoil

When you see it...


  1. ^ User:Geir Smith, in a now-deleted post to an off-wiki forum.

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Y'know, I read a lot. Especially about things about history. I find that shit fascinating.
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