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Kailas Patil

PhD (Computing), National University of Singapore (NUS)

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Awards/Open Badges:

  1. IEEE Travel Award 2011 supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and IEEE TCDP (Technical Committee on Distributed Processing)
  2. Firefox Student Ambassador Badge on April 2014

Google Summer of Code:

  1. GSoC 2012 : Worked with Mozilla Organization on UserCSP Project
  2. GSoC 2013 : Worked with Mozilla Organization on Security Report Tool

Open Source Contributions:

  • Firefox Bugs Fixing
Bug 564387, Bug 595888, Bug 680812, Bug 683258, Bug 898712, Bug 890224
  • Firefox Add-ons
  1. clearHTTPStatus: It prevents cross-domain abusing of HTTP status code.
  2. Clear Input Field Text: It simplifies clearing input fields or textarea fields on a web page with just a mouse click. It avoids the selection of text in an input field or textarea field before deletion to make input field clearance task easier.
  3. UserCSP: The goal of this project is to allow savvy users to be able to voluntarily specify their own Content Security Policy (CSP) for websites that may not have implemented CSP.
  • FirefoxOS Apps
  1. Building Blocks: Introduction to basic constructs which helps you in developing the Firefox OS App. The main goal of this app to teach new FirefoxOS app developers, how to use basic UI constructs (such as radio buttons, checkboxes, sliders, etc) in their apps.
  2. Fitness Adviser: Checks BMI. Based upon your BMI gives you clinical Advises. (#firefoxstudents)
  • Google Chrome Add-ons
  1. Click To Clear Text Field: Clears text in the currently focused HTML input or textarea field without selecting text in the field.