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Hi, I'm Kangaroopower. I'm talkative and I like sports such as soccer, cross country, and track and field. You might see me checking out the RFRs and joining RFCs but I mostly use Igloo to revert vandalism. I can use AWB and will probably start doing so soon. I'm interested in many fiction books, like the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini and The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. I currently have one GA, The Son of Neptune and am working towards another one.

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On Vandalism[edit]

As a lesson that I learned from an anon I almost never revert edits related to complex wikitext, references, or stats from an anti-vandal program unless it's PURE vandalism. If you disagree with one of my reverts please message me on my talk.

On Technology[edit]

When it comes to mobile devices I am a hard-core (just saw the pun wow) Apple fan. I prefer the app selection, smoothness, and general ease of use that iOS has in comparison to Android, and while Jellybean/Kitkat were good updates, and Android L looks nice, the skinning problem with manufacturers *cough*Samsung*cough* makes me uncomfortable to make the jump to Android. Between PCs and Macs- I think Macs are amazngly well made and I mostly love the OS but Windows just makes it super easy for you- the start menu (thank you Windows 10), 3rd party apps- all of that makes me torn between the two (although I must admit that XP is my true love =P). Finally, I think a good UI is critical to any tech, which is why I like Vector more than Monobook =).

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