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  • "and the attraction of this renaissance of Persian culture under Turkish political hegemony strongly influenced the Ottoman court, with echoes of that influence felt up to the 19th century. --The Encyclopaedia of Islam, vol VIII, page 211.
  • "Throughout the 16th century, then, Ottoman literature and culture was still considerably influenced by the Turco-Persian literature flourishing in the courts of Khurasan and Samarkand, while themes from everyday life inevitably crept into them as well; furthermore, Ottoman society, was beginning to be influenced by the West, without being fully aware of it." -- The Encyclopaedia of Islam, vol VIII, page 214, GoNUL ALPAY TEKIN
  • "The Christian Arabs, who were commanded by Malik bin Zafila, formed themselves into a deep mass confronting the Muslims. Some historians have given their strength as 100,000, while others have doubled that figure. These estimates are clearly mistaken. The enemy probably consisted of between 10 and 15 thousand men. In this battle the Muslims failed to gain a victory."[1] -- A.I. Akram, The Sword of Allah:Khalid bin Al-Waleed:His Life and Campaigns, page 68.
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The Encyclopaedia of Islam:
Vol.IV,page 1070;Al-Khwarazmi
Vol.VIII,page 851;"SA'IB, Mirza Muhammad 'Ali, Persian poet of the 17th century.
Vol.III,page 833,Ibn Khamis

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List of quarterbacks with multiple Super Bowl starts

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As a further example of Xtremedood's original research, Xtremedood called Theophanes anti-Muslim, stating it was supported by Blazej Cecota (Lodz), Islam, the Arabs, and Umayyad Rulers According to Theophanes the Confessor's Chronography, page 99. Not surprisingly, for someone wanting things so explicitly mentioned(ie. Powers strawman), this is a lie!
  • "...Muhammad was even searching for books where the dogmas of both religions would be explained.

Despite this detailed information, Theophanes did not seem to forget about the main purpose of his account, which was to present the doctrine of Islam as false. Therefore, one cannot agree with the statement that the chronographer (or his sources) tried to describe the Muslim religion in an objective way. There are three passages of his work which specifically prove this point. The first one refers to the Jews and their reaction to Muhammad’s teaching. Theophanes used an interesting method here – according to him, the Jews seem to be doubly doubtful about Islam. At first they were to accept this doctrine, which for a Christian would be an important argument against its authenticity. Later they rejected this religion as false. The picture presented by Theophanes appears to suggest that Islam is so mendacious that even the Jews, blasphemers themselves, refused it12. The aforementioned observation is also confirmed by the information about Muhammad’s epilepsy. Theophanes, as the first among the Christians, stressed that the prophet suffered from this health problem. According to him, Muhammad may have been trying to hide this illness claiming that his strange behaviour was caused by prophetic visions. It is worth emphasizing that, according to the chronicler, an anonymous monk who had been exiled for his depraved doctrine played the main role in confirming this version of events. It might have been Waraqa Ibn Naufal, Khadija’s cousin." -- Islam, the Arabs, and Umayyad Rulers According to Theophanes the Confessor's Chronography, page 99.

No where does it state Theophanes is anti-Muslim, as usual Xtremedood has forced his own interpretation into Wikipedia, using a source that does not even say that(source misrepresentation).

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