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Wikipedia Philosophy[edit]

Admittedly, I'm an on-and-off sporadic Wikipedian. I have eclectic, wide-ranging interests, but have currently resolved to try to ameliorate the inevitable bias incurred by the Wiki-community's gender gap. I also think that social science articles are woefully underdeveloped compared to their hard-science counterparts, and hope to try to help rectify that in the future.

In general, I am a research-focused contributor. I enjoy supplying additional substantive content to articles; I'm not a "minor edits" kind of editor. Maybe I'm just being selfish, but I get more of a self of fulfillment from adding material than by cleaning up previous material. (However, I have a great deal of respect for those willing to do that work.)

I'm a strong believer in Wikipedia's mission to make knowledge more accessible; I just wish I had more time to help out.

Articles I have made major contributions to[edit]

Supercomputer: I created the "uses of supercomputers" section near the top.

Sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: I added a lot of information from CEDAWs and other UN documents.

Heavenly Mother (Mormonism): I doubled its size by adding information from a recent publication on the subject.

Women in Uzbekistan: I created this page.

Joseph Smith, Jr.: This is a high-octane page that has an incessant tit-for-tat going on between anti and pro-Joseph Smith viewpoints, and we could use some editors with a NPOV. Early Mormon history is complicated, so we need people well-versed in LDS history (i.e. you've read actual books by real academics with real PhDs) who don't have an ax to grind for or against Joseph Smith or the LDS church.


Places I've visited[edit]

Flag of Andorra.svg Andorra

Flag of Spain.svg Spain

Flag of Russia.svg Russia

Flag of the Bahamas.svg Bahamas

Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico

Flag of Germany.svg Germany

Flag-map of the United States.svgThis user has visited 31 of the 50 United States.31

Userbox I created[edit]

CASAThis user is a Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children