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My name is Kaobear. Born in 1980. I was born in the semi-lovely city of Los Angeles, California, but I have lived all over the United States, including Rochester, New York, Olathe, Kansas, and then to Canada where I lived in Montreal, Quebec and then back to the U.S. to the very odd, and lovable little town of Brockport, New York.

I attended, for an incredibly short time mind you, the SUNY Brockport, however, due to the many injuries that life throws at us, I did not even finish the first year of my enrollment.

I have three children, ages 13, 11, and nearly 5 and they are the most wonderful things that have ever been created on this planet, or any other of course. I am a Widower and have spent a great deal of time in the last year learning about grief

I am addicted to Strategy Games, such as Risk, Stratego, Axis & Allies, and all of the Sid Meier computer games, with my favorites being Pirates!, Civilization III, and Alpha Centauri. This is a passion that my late wife shared with me.