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Obviously tennis, politics and literature with a slightly childish liking for furries and animals. An interesting combination there, but that's just me.


I started out here on Wikipedia working on the Australian election pages, although I dedicate most of my time nowadays to the tennis pages. My contribution to the Redwall pages has been very limited, but I do see myself editing those in the future.

Current "To Do"[edit]

As of now, I am focusing my attention on the Fed Cup pages. Progress is slow (there are so many) and at the moment mainly results are getting put up from one websites (which, as has been pointed out to me God-Knows-How-Many-Times, means the articles are not exactly first-rate, but BELIEVE ME they will get better soon and more references will be sought as I do love good quality) but it is getting on and the team pages shall receive their attention fairly soon.

With that done I will go on to other tennis-related pages (such as the 1999 WTA Tour, which will progress about as slowly as Fed Cup stuff but, as I have already said, will end up being of good quality), and then going onto Redwall and other literature. However, I will most definitely continue researching Australian politics and I am keen to see to the senate pages and the leadership ballot pages. Though I believe there is a lot to do in Australian politics coverage.

Previous Stuff Done[edit]

  • I have finished doing the changing seats for the Australian federal elections. Very pleased. :)
  • I have inserted the newer infoboxes to the Australian election pages. I understand that my decision to forward this change has proved slightly controversial, but the consensus was reached (muchly thanks to Timeshift for supporting my decision here)
  • The senate pages are going well. Have done 2004 and 2001. The pages are a mostly a wall of data with little explanation, but finding data about election pages going back to the 1990s is proving annoyingly time-consuming.