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Hi Karada, I dont quite understand why my article on SOAMatrix Software is being repeatedly deleted when it only provides very basic information about a company that has grown rapidly in just over a year. I see that content related to companies such as SOA Software, BEA Systems can have loads of pure and blatant marketing information but a smaller company such as SOAMatrix is barred from putting up basic information about the company! I hope you reconsider the deletion.

- JS

Hi Karada -- Sorry about adding links to the same site from different Wikipedia pages! I was happy to discover that someone else must have added our site to some of the Wikipedia pages, and I was adding others that seemed relevant. In specific areas, I do keep seeing the same sites over and over; is this altogether prohibited? Anyway, many thanks for your understanding, and I shall steer clear of adding any more and will just leave that to other users! All the best!


Please move this to your talk page as soon as the protection is removed

Category:Articles with OSGB36 coordinates was your idea (even though you did not actually create it). I wondered what your thoughts are about its deletion.

But in any case may I request that you delete Template:OSGB36 as it is superfluous - even Laurel Bush is not usig it.

-- RHaworth 00:28, 2005 Apr 15 (UTC) Karada -

New to wikipedia...but Jason "The Folk Hero" Tibbetts is REALLY a local legend in the Nor.Cal area. This is no prank. How can I prove it to you? A fanbase/blog listing...what? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Deluxeicoff (talkcontribs)

Providing online citations to reports in the mainstream media would be a good start. See WP:VERIFY. -- Karada 18:53, 22 May 2006 (UTC)


Hi Karada:

Check out my comments on Bukkake. You are under the mistaken impression that there aren't women into bukkake and other forms of erotic humiliation. Very wrong! I personally know women who are. Bukkake is not and never has been confined to porn either. (And porn is often done for fun, not just money... especially amateur porn and such.) It most certainly did not originate in Japan, feudal or modern, even if the name did. It is rather simple expression of erotic degradation, which likely dates back to the beginning of human existence. What's more, there are women who are into far MORE degrading things than merely getting facials. There are women who get off on getting pissed and shit upon, for example. One of these goes by the alias Pretty Lisa, she makes extreme home porn movies. These movies are 100% real rather than faked and she was into this stuff before she ever made a single movie. Wake up to reality, my friend. --Angela

I don't understand the comment you left on my talk page. I don't believe I've ever edited any article relating to hypersexuality or "sex addiction". Was your comment intended for someone else? -Branddobbe 17:49, May 5, 2005 (UTC)

im very sorry Krada for editing here, what i want to ask is, can i somthing that i offer here in Tanzania, and this is all about safari/Tour in the wilderness esp. SERENGETI,NGORONGORO CONCERVATION, LAKE MANYARA N.PARK, TARANGIRE N. PARK MT. MERU AND MT. KILIMANJARO, For anyone want to visite all this site can contact me through, or visite all the program in my website, . PERMU TOURS TRAVEL AND SAFARIS We are here to save.


My apologies for posting here since your talk page is protected. Thank you for blocking (talk · contribs) yesterday, but it seems the same editor has come back as Andrew Lin (talk · contribs). Note the nearly identical edits. Could you please block this sockpuppet as well? Many thanks. - Jersyko 21:05, May 20, 2005 (UTC)

yes, i would like to know who is VANDAL because first is using my email address that is been blocked some months ago, and is also using my website, i dont know why is doing this to me?

i am the owner of the address and

please let me lead my way. i know you stole all my customers and desided to let me suffer

Information Overload[edit]

Thanks for pointing out that my last contributions had an "Obfuscated C" look and feel to less chaotic venerable entities. Note to Self: Don't read too much about ontologies and query languages at night. Oh, I've just noticed the "Bukkake" entry. You refresh me. Keep contributing and don't let random events to put you down, so You won't catch viral babble memetic syndrome. Agquarx 11:20, 14 November 2005 (UTC)


Sorry to post here, but I see you are reverting all votes of Polly on Pills. I feel I should point out that Jjeffs is almost identical and probably controlled by the same user. Algebraist 13:42, 23 May 2005 (UTC)

Salome, not Salomé[edit]

I was wondering if you move back the Salomé (opera) to Salome (opera). The correct title for the opera is Salome. It has no accent marks; it is German. The correct title for the play is Salomé. It uses accents; it's French. --DrG 05:00, 2005 Jun 6 (UTC)


Hello, Karada; would you consider removing the protection from your talk page? It's been several weeks and the vandalism probably will stop, since it your user page has been left alone. Protecting a talk page makes it hard to communicate, especially since you have not specified an e-mail address. Thanks! — Knowledge Seeker 05:13, 6 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Windows update[edit]

I didn't think I linked directly to the download, but the download page, complete with the announcement. You still had to click on the link. Either way, we still have the patch thankfully. I shall also regard your mention. Thanks. :) Fr0 18:26, 6 January 2006 (UTC)

No Comment article[edit]

Hello. In your article No comment, you write about libel and US law regerding the such. Did you have any attribution or source for this? Thanks - kpwa_gok 15:21 8 Jan., 2005

Fictional Femmes Fatales[edit]

There exist several different definitions of the term "femme fatale", even in its entry on Wikipedia. Can you clarify in this category which definition you are using, because a number of characters you have added to that category do not appear to fit any of the definitions. I may remove some of these soon. --Chris Griswold 04:16, 18 May 2006 (UTC)


I was wondering what the numbers meant next to usernames on the recent changes list. I am (+271) or something. Please respond in my talk page. Thanks.

Soupsportz 21:18, 27 January 2007 (UTC)

Thank you so much![edit]

I am extremely grateful that you blocked Bongwarriorsupportsdrugabuse and his sockpuppets. He was vandalizing not only my page, but HappyCamper's and Bongwarrior's as well. I was scared to tears of this guy, and he was actually evading blocks by creating new accounts. Again, thank you so much. You're a godsend! Savie Kumara 08:14, 16 July 2007 (UTC)


I was in the process of finding them, however I have also just changed my ISP and access issues with the Internet (also, I am not getting notification of changes to pages I'm watching), so I've been unable to access the Wikipedia on a regular basis until today. I am confused however how references to actual use of the term to pages by groups and organisations that actually use the term is considered 'not reliable'.

Also, apart from anything else, I suffer from bipolar and am currently in the middle of a clinical depression. Checking the page and discovering that it was deleted did not help this, and I no longer believe that I have the sustained energy nor the objectivity contribute reliably to wiki pages any longer. LauraS 09:18, 5 September 2007 (UTC)

am confused is it a talk page about the wikipedia article or a talk page to wikipedia when u want to talk to someone but u don't know whom so u put here as if a user talk page, check the WP: don't be a whore generally accepted policy

Comments moved from top of page[edit]

Good day Karada - Regarding the bio for "Eugene Law" and your comment about it being an advertisement. While the comment about "Grand Master" might be argued as being an opinion. (One shared universally by the telemetry industry.) The rest of the article is nothing but facts and even referenced facts.

- TMDude - I didn't understand the comment about it being an ad. A problem with the tone I can understand. Now. Your edits have changed/corrected the tone but still left the substance of the article. I have no problem with your edits. --TMDude (talk) 22:57, 5 January 2008 (UTC)