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This user is an advocate of Objectivism and considers Ayn Rand an intellectual hero.

This user may not be a wiki ogre, but is - for sure - a wikipedia binger.

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POV Pushing[edit]

Problems usually arise when there is a place for the POV in the article, but one or more editors want prominence for their POV (undue weight). The easy thing to keep in mind is all agreement/disagreement and/or praise/criticism is not as notable as the topic itself. This is a necessary fact, as its the topic that gives rise to any commentary/reactions. The outward appearance of a POV pusher is the need to present their POV commentary and reactions (verifiable even) before the topic at hand has been properly reported (summarized as appropriate for an encyclopedia). They essentially fear "letting the facts stand for themselves" as they fear readers won't arrive at the same POV as that of themselves (the POV pushers) - hence their "need" to push their POV.